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  1. I have an appointment booked for one of those fraxel laser things. apparently the guy who will be doing it is the "best in his field" or something. just some questions, though... 1. will I have to go off bactrim for a while? because if I have to I might as well not even go I know it gives my skin extra sensitivity to light, but I thought that was just UV rays...? 2. how long is the downtime? I have it in the middle of the week so I basically HAVE to attend school and probably work, too.
  2. ...and how/why/does it work on hyperpigmentation? I've searched the board for some info, but all I ever see is people saying "try cold water therapy" without explaining what it even does... any help?
  3. nononononononono... don't try tanning. it apparently makes yer marks way worse/last a lot longer.
  4. which product are you using? I am using reversa's solution for oily and acne-prone skin twice a day (morning after shower, then again right before bed). my face is still oily, but I don't get whiteheads anymore and I only get the occasional pimple. here are some pics, sorry if they are crap, I suck at taking pictures of myself Before AHA 1 Week After AHA there hasn't really been any drastic, miraculous changes, but hey its only been 1 week. even though my face is still pretty m
  5. hot damn. after about a week on AHA 8% I gotta say, I like what I'm seeing! BIG improvement... well, big enough for me at least its really late right now, but I might upload some pictures tomorrow.
  6. hahaha, zing! but seriously, don't bother with black light. it can actually make your skin worse.
  7. I blot it off and stop it from oozing. I thought that causes more breakouts because it contains bacteria? What i always do is still squeeze the clear juice until it takes a lil longer to form into a drop. Usually after about 2-3min is good. Then i will take tissue and put over pimple and hold it there for about 10min. When i remove tissue it should be almost adhesive to your pimple from the clear fluid that dried to tissue. Just easily remove it and then i dab my benzaclin on it. When
  8. I'd like to know this too... I'm getting 8% AHA soon anyways, so I guess I'll get back to you in a while?
  9. I found some proactive crap lying around my house, mostly some acne clearing stuff, but when I looked at the ingredients for the toner it contained glycolic acid. has anyone tried it, and would it be worth using for a while until I get some real products?
  10. basically, when I'm at school and all, my skin drips oil. people are always asking "why are you sweating so much, your face is so shiny" but when I'm home at around 7-10 my skin is normal. why must life be so cruel, why can't I have normal skin during the day and oily skin at night *sob* anyone got any advice?
  11. alright, its been about a week. I have been shaving every day since I've last talked to yall... and there hardly any improvement at first, I thought I definitely saw some changes, but when I looked closely at the photos I noticed that they are pretty much exactly the same. dang. but the olive oil is way easier to apply on bare skin
  12. haha, maybe... I've had a few girls crushing on me back when I had SEVERE cystic acne. coincidence? I think not
  13. I'm so glad I heard about this! the guys who thought of this were genius... mini acid peels, daily! SCRATCH THAT. I just remembered about AHA and stuff... now I feel stupid I hope I can find some of this stuff in the stores, ain't a big fan of buying online. EDIT: the site says the toner is for oily skin. what exactly does it do?
  14. yall lucky, I haven't masturbated in months and I ain't seeing no difference.
  15. ok, I got up off my butt and bought some new razors. after being forced to not shave for a week, I think I saw some improvement, but my before and after photos didn't really look different. now I'm going to shave every day for a week. I'll tell yall how I'm doing next saturday