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  1. Mixing up the ingredient and the brand lol my bad!
  2. I've had acne since I was around 10 too, or what ever age I was in grade 4 lol genes can really sucks! I even was on Accutane! Worked until I was done ....guess it happens sometimes but the benzoyl peroxide worked wonders for me! Just need to make it through the peeling and raw skin! Wish you the best of luck on your healing journey
  3. So I guess prolonged use of Bemzoyl Peroxide can cause your skin to age way faster! Well that suck cause I just got my skin under control thanks to the BP! Hopefully my skin works well with this new stuff! If any of you use it can you let me know what symptoms or results you had?! That would be awesome! Cause I'm nervous about going through another peeling phase... Just recovered from the last one using BP.....screw you acne! Also for people that are looking for full coverage foundation, that
  4. Two year!? Congrats! I can only hope! My skin still has that "large pore texture" and will forever be oily is Amoxicillin and cephalexin over the counter? @amoxilworx
  5. Hey everyone! It's been about 3 years since my last post and I must say my face is looking way better! I get small breakouts here and there but I haven't had any full blown painful as hell clusters in ages! I mostly owe that too being very strict with my face cleaning habits and the products I use. Sadly I still haven't found the perfect face wash, toner and moisturizer system but I make do with the random ones I purchase. I use the Mia 2 now and it really helps get every bit of makeup off my
  6. My first blog Ever! http://static.acne.org/ipb_uploads/emoticons/default_redface.gif' alt=':redface:'> So....I've had a problem with acne since grade 4 and it has been quite the piss off. I've tried everything up to Accutane; which only worked for so long, plus I hated having blood test every month. I started to try different products together and create my own formula. And Yes....Sometimes that backfired on me something fierce. Now think I how found product that might work for some peo
  7. So I am a bit more than half way through my first bottle of acnepril....and i "think" my skins getting better, im only taking 2 a day, but i am very bad when it comes to avoiding dairy, bread and anything else that may be bad for you skin! I just ate an apple and im trying to change my diet, but lets face it, why give up all the good things in life? I will reply when my skin is amazing and i continue my normal eating habbits That way I can atleast tell if its the Acnepril
  8. I ordered Acnepril about a week ago...So hopefully it will be here within the next week. I will keep updates on how it works, and hopefully the results are positive. I've had to deal with acne since grade 4 and I have tryed everything from Proactive to Accutane. Proactive sucked, I seem to be amune to BP and Accutane only kept my acne away for so long, about four months later it came back. SO im going to try Acnepril, hope it works "fingers crossed"
  9. I've been researching many different products for clearing up acne....This will be the first natural pill form solution I'm trying. I heard good and bad reviews, but I will try anything once till i find the right one for me. I did use Accutane, it made a big difference at first but about 4 months after being off it my acne returned. My little sister just finished her time on it (with many mood swing effects) but her skin has cleared up completely. I still don't recomend it unless you have tr