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  1. Kaimen

    Day 6:

    Actually day 6 was my last day, because I ended up having to go on a trip (where there was little healthy food available :/).Anyways, I will continue eating good regardless. But my skin is actually very clear now, much better than in those photos.I think what has helped me the most is really just using the "skin brush" treatment. Which seems pretty promising as a cure so far! !
  2. Kaimen

    Day 6:

    Day 6: Link for the high-res photo: Shot at 2010-10-04 Daily Description: Day 6. Yesterday was very hard, and even this morning was a bit tempting. BUT I have managed to stay strong... Mostly because of this blog! So I shall keep blogging, and keep sharing my thoughts on how I am doing. First off, if you don't have a strong will... Then this isn't the right plan for you. Although raw foods are healthy, they are hard to live off of when you are so used to fulfilling and cooke
  3. Kaimen

    Day 5:

    Day 5: Link for the high-res photo: Shot at 2010-10-03 Daily Description: Day 5. I'm alright, going somewhat strong. I am definitely having food withdraws and such, but nothing unexpected. Quick Tip: If you want cooked food REALLY bad and are tempted... Simply eat a very hot pepper. End of story. I ate one, now my temptations of any flavor or food, are completely gone, haha. Although my mouth also burns horribly bad. But it's a sacrifice I am willing to make. ALSO on a n
  4. Kaimen

    Day 4

    Day 4: Link for the high-res photo: Shot at 2010-10-02 Daily Description: Day 4. New record. So I started doing this thing called "dry skin brushing". In theory it makes the toxins release through the skin faster. AND prevents dry skin. Now personally it seems like my skin is more dry, especially around the lips area. BUT I suppose that is only because the oils of my face were brushed off when I used the brush. It will probably take a few good days of brushing to really get rid
  5. Kaimen

    Day 3:

    Day 3: Link for the high-res photo: Shot at 2010-10-01 Daily Description: 3 Days is the longest I have ever gone eating raw foods only. I am confident this will be a new record for myself. Lunch and dinner are the hardest parts of the day. Breakfast is always a breeze, (probably because I do not eat breakfast so I'm not hungry). Probably about 2 months ago I fasted for 5 days. I just drank water and juices that were freshly juiced. Beyond the enemas (horrible)... It wasn't
  6. Keep your hope and faith. Stay strong! You CAN do this.But consider working at the problem from a new perspective.You keep trying to fix a problem on the outside, when the problem starts on the inside.Try fixing it on the inside. A new diet change, something of the sort.Perspective can change everything.Keep your hope in the lord! God bless you!
  7. Don't do it.The health risks are not worth it.Better to be healthy on the inside, not deceiving on the outside, than to be unhealthy on the inside and deicing on the outside.Start on the inside, heal what is wrong inside of you, THEN the outside will heal accordingly. It's great you want change though! Keep on keeping on!!
  8. Kaimen

    Day 2:

    Day 2: Link for the high-res photo: Shot at 2010-9-30 Daily Description: Today is an interesting day. It feels weird not putting anything on my face at all. I almost feel... Dare I say it, naked. Although "raw" might be a better terminology. I hope other people find the will somewhere in them to follow along with me on this difficult journey. Considering I am doing this with no support whatsoever I am SURE somebody else out there may be interested in the healing powers of raw foo
  9. That doesn't sound so great. Accutane is unhealthy on the inside.Why use something to make yourself look healthier on the outside without working to be healthy on the inside first?Glad you are doing something though! Keep strong, and fight hard!!
  10. Kaimen


    I know how that is. I actually used the BP treatment for a while, and honestly I got more acne I have ever had in my life.It dries up your skin too much and causes acne if anything.I suggest using lots of Jojoba oil at night, skip on the bp. I promise you will see better results using Jojoba at night rather than BP.Throw that BP stuff away!I am not completely clear obviously, but I assure you my acne was MUCH worse when I used that BP stuff from Dan.
  11. Kaimen

    Day 1:

    Day 1: I took the first picture today. Link for the high-res photo: Shot at 2010-09-29 Daily Description: Obviously being the first day and all, this isn’t too difficult. But in time I am sure temptation will start to become difficult to resist. Luckily I am pretty bent on doing this right, so hopefully you guys will get an accurate description on whether this works or not. On a quick note, yesterday I ate breads and grains (because it was my last day of comfort foods). SO, i
  12. Kaimen


    30 Days for Freedom: Explanation, lifestyle: So I guess I should explain myself. I have had moderate - bad acne for the last 4 years. Not a day has gone by where felt the need to just let it happen. Every single day since then has been a fight to find a cure. I have had good days and bad days. But now I am ready to have days that are not controlled by what I look like, I am ready to make sure that every day is an acne free day. SO I am conducting an experiment. I have tried (I as