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  1. I was thinking about trying it out during the day too. Just so I can get a little tan on my face. The hot times are gone, and winter is making me pale.
  2. You've turned your face into a human scratching board! Stop picking yo. The regimen will with no doubt fix you up, just be patient! And after your on it for a month I recommend you order some AHA to quicken the healing process.
  3. Well for everyone it's not the same. I've used AHA about 3 times now as I've only had it for a week. I've noticed that I've had very very very few white head pop ups and it has definitely subsided the ones I've had. So yeah, I'd go with the AHA. I've notice it remove mine.
  4. No, it is common for a slight breakout during the first week or two on the regimen. Also, redness comes with the territory when it comes to BP and some moisturizers. The redness will shortly go down some, but be smooth with your face when applying both. Also, you can buy certain moisturizers that rid your face from redness. But I'd stick with the regimen a bit longer and see if you notice the bumps fade.
  5. Okay. Well, I'm guessing my skin becomes flaky as my skin turns dry. When I get out of the shower to wash my face before applying BP my face turns just completely white due to flakiness. I mean, my whole entire face is covered and I haven't even put anything on my face to dry it out. This would be at night, but if I were to splash water on my face in the morning like I do to was it with my cleanser, it will turn white after a while. Or the next day, after school(which btw, at school my skin
  6. I think you don't have active acne on your face. Maybe you over wash it? I mean, for people that don't have actual acne break outs, even washing twice a day can irritate the skin. So I'd recommend you lay off ALL the products and allow your skin to heal itself. Wash your face with an actual facial product about once or twice a week. No need for more because your skin isn't acne prone from what I can tell by the pictures you've posted.
  7. Yeah, sorry guys. ): I experienced a slight redness beyond what I normally get, but that went away already. Guess it was because it was fresh.
  8. Well, I know Aderroll will cause acne. The stress that is causes is a big acne magnet. I take Aderroll, not because I have ADD or ADHD, but just to help me get into a good college. When I started taking Aderroll, I got soo stressed over stupid things. I would get miserable. This is a BIG cause of acne. Now, even though you stopped taking Aderroll, were you ever stressed while on it and after being on it? Also, don't touch your face at all. What also might be happening is you are over medicating
  9. Well, I've been on it for a month, and my skin has gotten better. This weekend I'm gonna lay off of it and see if it clears on it's own, because when I ran out of my regimen products before I started using DKR, I noticed my skin clear up a lot. And then once I started back I get a few bumps, but not as bad as it used to be, so it definitely holds back a lot of the acne. I don't have it too bad. DKR has kept me acne free on my chin, above my top lip, my nose and my forehead. I just struggle with
  10. Yeah, this batch has caused me to break out on my right cheek. I was doing soo good too! ):
  11. Also, what is the reason for me to only use it 3 times a week supposed to every night of the week?
  12. I'm guessing AHA causes my skin to become sensitive to UV rays?
  13. Okay thanks. Well if I use the AHA at night, their is no need for the sunscreen, correct?
  14. *Bump* No one knows how to work AHA into the regimen?