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  1. They actually add tiny amounts of Diatomaceous Earth (which is basically ground up silica) to wheat, oats etc. to keep bugs out. I rub it all over my cat and it works wonders on the fleas, better than advocate or other topical treatments slash tablets. I don't agree with ingesting it, but if you do then definite avoid pool grade (extremely irritating) or garden grade and opt for food grade DE.
  2. I was going to come down very heavy handed on this post simply with 'bleach is a poison'. However, I failed to find a health hazards section on wikipedia and online information is seeminly scarce. You shouldn't mix bleach with ammonia or with other liquids but I do think 1/4 a cup is a huge amount. I'm glad its helped you but I think this sends the wrong message to younger members or those who are in dire situations.
  3. I live in Australia, and if you're not directly in the sun it's always glaring at you. How would you get around this? At the moment I probably only wash my face once a day at night anyway. Thoughts?
  4. I agree with what you say mystril, but from these testimonials, it does seem like the general consensus is that the OCM is detrimental to the skin. I've just read through 21 pages and it seems like in the beggining, everything was glowing, but the last 4 pages is quite scary to read. I've been doing alot of reading and was intending to purchase some products to start the OCM this weekend, but I guess I'll hold it off. My skin is dull and looks horrible and I was really looking forward to it.
  5. The tanda is really tedious to use. I would recommend something with a larger head. Make sure it's 405-420nm in wavelength if it's blue. This has been clinically proven to help acne. It's really time consuming for me. Some weeks when I'm busy I use it alot. But it's more of a phase/fad thing for me. The charger does fail immediately when you bring it home, it's a problem many people experience but the head is a decent size. It does overheat though. So yeah. It's a leading brand but just thou
  6. Hello! I'm going to try and incorporate some fishy oil into my diet! Just thought I'd let you know also that flax seed oil might have it's benefits, but the body has to convert it to DHA and EPA which means, if you can hold your nose, fish oil is the best option. Also, because of the high levels of mercury, you should aim for pharmaceutical grade fish oil liquids. One teaspoon is usuallly equivalent to 8 tablets and the bioavailibility is often better and they come in natural fruit flavours n
  7. Hey old buddies. Is anyone still on colostrum? I've seen it in some facial products at the estheticians. She claims it strengthens the skin and promotes collagen. She could sell a car to a used car salesman I bet.
  8. Hello Haven't read the thread but just thought I'd give my two cents. I believe that genetics plays a big part in acne. But the thing is, if you fold your arms and scream 'woe is me' and give up on your diet and attempting to pace yourself with a healthy lifestyle, things won't ever change. Be proactive. At least if you do, you can say you've done all these is that can be done and not feel as guilty and perhaps come to some realisation, epiphany, eternal peace, world domination etc... =p
  9. Hey guys! It's been 18 months and a crazy ride and I'm so happy to say that Dan's Regimen has helped me tremendously! With virtually no acne and scars! Has anyone successfully weaned themselves off BP? Although I don't go that red anymore but I think BP is making my face considerably darker than my body and I don't sun tan. My skin is also always really dry even with moisturiser. It's way too harsh on my skin and I'd love to say goodbye! I'm just a little worried if it's going to come back and b
  10. I think she's referring to Dan's AHA+ treatment which is cheap and apparently works great. It really stung for me though but people say if you use it often you will see results within a few months (ie. drastically faded red marks)
  11. Wow, that's really good that the product you're using has helped to reduce the appearance of your red marks. My GP prescribed me the same one as well but I was too *another synonym for cat* to try it. So I'm sticking with BP and letting them heal on their own but would love to try a few treatments.
  12. Yeah I'm more leaning towards laser treatments and such. I know a great cosmetologist but she's always booked for months with patients and I don't know where to start with treatments. I've tried Dan's AHA and some other peels but the salon peels were costly and I didn't see that much improvement and with home products they really stung and I think they broke me out.
  13. Thanks Seems that no one has had any successful procedures done to rejuvenate the skin and get rid of red marks. You can see how desperate I am ... =p
  14. Thanks =D Reading how some of the ingredients were used in oil rigs or detergents was scary. I'm just going to put my faith in the company. Surely a cleanser won't feel as nice, but why can't we just have glycerin, water and a mild cleanser as the ingredients instead of all the worrying extras?