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  1. We just had a water testing company come and test it. Did you ever try taking probiotics, it cleans out your gut. I read alot that if your gut is messed up that it cam come out in your skin. I take it everyday. Did you get blood work done? Vitamin d, thyroid imbalances can cause acne (many other imbalances can cause acne). Did you try going to a nutritionist or holistic doctor they can request blood work for you. Is it hereditary? Some posts on this site say to much sex/masturbating caus
  2. Have you tried changing your diet? Have you gone to a derm? Did you happen to move when you started breaking out. Sometimes the environment or even the water can cause acne. I went on the candida diet and had our water tested (loaded with bacteria and ph was through the roof. we couldnt even cook with it). Since the candida diet and only washing my face with poland spring water i have not had ONE CYST. So many options out there you just have to find yours. I know how you feel cause i felt
  3. I have read many posts on this site that spironolactone has really helped with cystic acne. Go to your ob/gyn to see if they will prescribe it for you.
  4. All the antibiotics and bp could have given you candida. thats what i had and i went on the candida diet and have not had one cyst. I am back to eating normal and my skin is fine. I also only wash my face with poland spring water, even in the shower i take an over sized plastic mug with poland spring water in it. We had our water tested and the ph and bacteria levels were through the roof that we couldnt even use it for cooking.
  5. hyperpigmentation is discoloration of the skin after the acne is gone. red marks purple marks etc...
  6. Try taking a really hot shower so the steam loosens and opens them up and maybe they will drain on their own or atleast come to the surface.
  7. Just a thought but have you had your water tested. We had our water tested and the bacteria and ph was through the roof. We couldnt even boil the water and use it because they said it wasnt safe. I only wash my face with poland spring water. Hey ya never know.
  8. If diet and all natural whole foods was the answer for clearing acne we wouldn't be posting on this site. Although the candida diet cleared my skin it was because i had candida and not everyones acne is due to candida so dieting isnt always the answer. i also believe a huge contributing factor to my acne was our well water. We had it tested and the bacteria and PH levels were through the roof, they said its not safe to even boil the water and cook with it. So between the water and the over l
  9. Try going on birth control if it only happens around your period
  10. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/313938-sharing-my-success-clearing-persistent-mouthjawline-cysts/ here is a good read about water and fluoride and acne
  11. Try reading up on something before you discard it as a possible cure.
  12. Also some people are allergic to fluoride so they use toothpaste w/out flouride and they cleared up. some people are allergic to anti perspirant because of the aluminum in it so they buy deodorant. There are so many different things it could be. i will keep posting if i think of anything else.
  13. Try putting a band aid on it with neosporin.