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  1. if it is really sever i´ll recommend acuttane but you can try some antibiotics like tetraciclin it works for me
  2. save your dick! go to the doctor now !
  3. are you using topical products?
  4. the same thing is happening to me i dont know what to do :S
  5. can somebody help whit this topic im interested too please
  6. no i really prefer to take oral, topial antibiotics are very less efective than oral well that is for me you can try
  7. well a have some time taking oxytetraciclin it is very effective for me but when i quit, acne come back very fast and worse each time . you have to wait mor than 3 weeks to see results it really works while you are takin it
  8. man i know how it feels""! but come on your acne isnt that bad! try to do a LOT!!!!! of excersise it will help you so much! and your body will get better too!! the good thing here is that you will not have scars for a long thats nice i guess! dont forget excersice can help very very much