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    Reader of acne.org since 2008. Things I have tried include antibiotics, most of the topicals (in high school before the cystic acne began in college), blue light therapy, spironolactone, saw palmetto, Obagi, and, of course, optimizing my diet. Most recently I tried Accutane, which was short lived because of the psychological and skin-thinning side effects. I wanted clear skin desperately, but I wish I'd heeded the horror stories. Accutane was the biggest mistake of my life.

    I also post things on occasion to warn folks of the potential dangers of taking saw palmetto and other DHT inhibitors, based on personal experience and the mounting testimonials of others.

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  1. Thank you what1f. Again, I wouldn't wish this on a soul, but I take solace in knowing with 100% confidence that all of the naysayers on here would change their tune if they could switch places with me. I've said it before on here, but apparently it needs repeating - I take responsibility for taking Accutane, but it never should have been available to me. I stopped taking it after five days, during which time side effects came on swiftly. I acknowledge that this kind of a reaction is rare
  2. Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutesssss. Is anyone in favor of returning this convo to medicinal marijuana and/or ongoing advocacy efforts? I found a link to part of the 2002 Accutane safety hearing before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. The whole thing is worth watching. Especially given the circumstances, Bart Stupak did an incredible job IMO of questioning Roche's then-CEO, George Abercrombie. Hope you all have some time to watch it. http://www.c-spanvideo.or
  3. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/the-/ohio-mother-moving-to-col_b_4034498.html Ohio Mother Moving to Colorado to Treat Daughter's Epilepsy With Cannabidiol Oil
  4. I hadn't seen your posts. Great to hear you have had such great success with the same procedures as me. I would definitely agree that cannabis is not the ultimate solution. Like I posted earlier, cannabis is a great restorative drug. It will not have the effect of detox on the body that other protocols do, such as liver flushing, colonic irrigation and enemas, clay baths/masks. There is a balance of both detox and restoration that are required. I'm intrigued at the speed this occur
  5. Haha. You have no idea what you're talking about. You have no idea what would come out of your mouth if you went through what I've been through for the past six months. Real simple. And you don't have to tell me how much acne sucks - I obviously have a point of reference seeing as I felt it was time to pull the trigger on Accutane after eight years of deliberation. Let's move on from that. Also noticing that your earlobes have thinned out as well as your eyelids? Honey, good luck attributing
  6. I don't mean to be rude...the disbelief is just difficult. I wish everyone on this thread improved if not clear skin and good health.
  7. If we can't see it I think it's just causing you an unnecessary amount of stress. I mean a lot of us people with acne have body dysmorphic disorder already so any tiny change seems extreme. I know that's the case for me. I mean, forgive my skepticism...I can see Accutane causing damage over months but five days?? Are you sure you just aren't panicked from the horror stories? For example I complain to people around me about so and so flaw, but then nobody notices it but me...which tells me it's
  8. For those who've asked for before and after skin pictures...it's hard to demonstrate in photos. It's been six months for me, and to someone who isn't me it is subtle if not entirely unnoticeable. But I notice it by the week. It's just unnaturally rapid aging. I've got some folds in my hands I never had before this and I can feel that my eyelids and earlobes are extremely thin. My earlobes have been getting thinner since I took five 20 mg pills of Accutane in July. I have a ring that is a little
  9. I'm wary of some of the theories, but I think altered bile flow is quite plausible as one of the things that can happen. Thanks Crank for updating us on your correspondence with the MPs. Pippa, Sir Nick's parliamentary researcher, was so kind as to return my email too. She really didn't have to do that since I'm not from the UK, so I appreciated it a lot. Indigo - I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling this down. I wish I had something uplifting to say except I really identify with a lot
  10. Im honestly the exact same person as you except that i experienced many side effects while on accutane and that led to my eventual stop of the drug before my course was supposed to be finished. The only difference is that while you are worried at 31, ive only just turned 21. I have fine lines forming all over my face, Im italian and all of a sudden this past year my skin has become super sun sensitive like that of someone with pale pale skin and freckles. My eyes too burn more than i can handle
  11. Excuse me for being computer illiterate, but how did you find his email? I found the site about mailing your own MP, but that didn't allow me to mail this guy only my own MP? I'll email him later [Edited image out] Also how did you find out that Roche is monitoring your page? Most lawmakers in the U.S. have their own individual websites with contact information, and it appears the same is true in the U.K. I just Googled "MP Nick Harvey" and got to his website which in
  12. I thought you all might be as amused as I was to learn that Roche's media monitoring software picked up my blog: [Edited link out] That screenshot shows a list of referrers to the blog. The second to last one is Roche. The ".ch" indicates Switzerland, where they are based. I doubt they gave it much thought at all, but still. That same software picks up articles about their drug, so again, feel free to leave comments on them (you can use Google Alerts).
  13. Hey again all: In the U.K., Nick Harvey is the MP for the Medlands. Their son Jon was a med student who hanged himself after taking Accutane for several weeks. Harvey is calling for more research into the side effects etc. You can email him at [email protected]