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    I'm a 24 Year old professional. My interests include hockey, music (guitar), weightlifting, and golf. I started getting acne in high school and treated with all the usual topicals. Developed cystic acne around age 20. I was on antibiotics with a lot of success for a little over a year, and then decided to take accutane. My back has been 100% clear ever since and my face has been 95-100% clear since. I am still passionate about skincare and try to learn new things everyday.

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  1. Do you have an update on your condition? My scalp acne is very similar to yours. I took accutane around 4 years ago with great success in clearing my moderate acne on my face and severe cystic acne on my back. I never had bad scalp acne until the past 2 years or so. Currently t is so itchy and distracting that it makes it hard to sleep or focus at work. I've been using a medicated shampoo from my derm with no luck. I refuse to go on long term antibiotics again so I'm hoping to find othe
  2. Differin and tretinoin operate under the same mechanism to fight acne so the combination of the 2 would most likely be very irritating. Many people have good luck with a retinoid like tretinoin and a topical antibiotic like clindamycin. The idea being one fights the acne bacteria, and the other causes the skin to turn over more quickly thus reducing the clogged pores. This combination has always worked best for me.
  3. Definitely do not stop everything at once. Its best to only change one thing at a time. This will ensure you know what is having an affect on your acne, and what is not. I agree with dunedane as far as stopping the oral antibiotic first while continuing the topicals. Two years is a long time to be on an oral antibiotic so if your acne is now under control, that is what would be the logical thing to eliminate first. I was on the exact same medications as you for a similar timeframe, but I ch
  4. Hey Man, Congrats on your success and thanks for coming back and reporting off it. It is helpful for others still struggling. I have a question about your current regimen. How long have you been on the clindamycin and do you plan on coming off it sometime? Just curious regarding developing a resistance to it seeing as it is an antibiotic. I have been on tretinoin and clindamycin for a month now whilst finishing my third course of accutane. I am looking to phase out the clindamycin eventually
  5. A lot of it is personal preference, and everyones skin reacts different to accutane. If your skin isn't getting overly dry, then go for the splashing water. I tried to plan my showers around washing my face, but everyone's schedule is different. I would sometimes take a shower without cleansing my face (just water) if i hit the gym in the middle of the day and leave my cleansing to AM and PM. Sometimes you just gotta do what works for you. As legomom said above, the accutane will have
  6. You are definitely going to get a lot of answers, but certain skincare habits will be overlooked by your derm. Not that they are bad, but their job is to prescribe and monitor your accutane course and small details can go by the wayside. The Initial breakout you exerpienced is 100% normal. Accutane causes your skin cells to turn over much quicker than they normally would, thus, it pushes new acne up a little quicker than usual. The upped dosage can spur another initial breakout as well.
  7. Hello all, I haven't been active in the forums lately, but I wanted to do a long term review of accutane. I am 2 years post accutane and I would like to go over my experience over the long run. I always saw there is a ton of information about experiences DURING accutane, but very few about experiences AFTER. I believe this is because people don't tend to hang around here much after their problems subside, myself included. I had acne for about 4 years before accutane. My story was l
  8. Long Time user with good success

    I like this moisturizer a lot. I have been getting a little concerned though about the ingredients. I have pretty much used it most of the time I have had acne (about 7 years). I went through all kind of different treatment with some good success. Eventually took accutane and have been 95% clear since. It is really moisturizing! It has very limited ingredients because it meant to be for extremely sensitive skin. It dries quickly and absorbs easily. My entire family uses this and loves it
  9. My acne wasn't widespread, but my chin had horrible cysts and my back was a mess. Accutane cleared me up perfectly. My back was clear within abut 2 months if I remember correctly. Also, all of my lifts were affected a little as well. My overall strength wasn't affected that much, but my stamina was noticeably lower. As far as the headaches, stay hydrated when you workout. I was literally drinking twice as much water during a lift session and that helped a ton! It will also get better a
  10. Hey man sounds like we had similar situations when starting accutane. What's you skincare routine besides taking accutane?? How you take care of your skin will make a big difference in your accutane experience, and all the accutane users can give you awesome tips on products and ideas.
  11. 10ish Months Post Accutane I think?? So I haven't been on in forever and I figured I'd update this old log. I finshed up accutane last January or December I think. Can't remember exactly. But anyways, everything is going great! I am completely clear and still using Veltin Topical. I still get occasional tiny clogged pores but they're gone within 24 hours. I have noticed no long-term side affect (I had very few side effects during my course). I graduated college and work now 12 hours a
  12. Thanks for the help! I'm looking into different sulfate free shampoos. Anyone know of any good ones other than Burt's Bee's and Jason's?
  13. Hey, I'm sorry I've been pretty inactive on here since finshing tane. I ad no problems sleeping. I had hardly any side affects at all and im about 4 months post tane I thnk? But yeah it was an awesome experience for me. Message me if you have any questions. I was quite meticulous during my course with products and keeping track of everything so I'll do my best to answer any of your questions
  14. I was wondering what a good shampoo is for men who don't want something that will break them out. Im using head and shoulder which i started during accutane. I've been off accutane for a few months now, so the dryness is not an issue anymore. It seems all off the shelf shampoos have sodium lauryl sulfate and/or sodium laureth sulfate which are both not the greatest for acne. I'm getting zits on my head under my hair and they are kinda painful. It's not a huge deal, but just wanted to hea
  15. Hey everyone, I finshed a course of accutane about a month ago and everything went great. Lately I have been getting this weird red "lump" between my bottom lip and chin. I had a really bad cysts there around 2 years ago, and it seems to be acting up again. I've had problems in this area before with a cut in the crease of my chin that had to everntually be cauterized with silver nitrate because of all the folliculitis and granulation tissue woudln't let it heal. So I had this done last ye