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Only have to use it once a day. Redness, peeling, dryness, stinging when I put MOISTURIZER over it, didn't work for me. I would recommend to all wanting to use this product... or any other acne product, to give up on clearing your skin. You're just damaging your skin and walking around not knowing how bad these products make your skin look. Go on Accutane, get this acne crap over with so you can enjoy life. 100+ products later at only age 16, I realized that acne products really don't get you an

By Gripy,

-Soothing -AMAZING scent -Good moisturizers -Did the cleaning job -My face was very soft -Even though soothing, also burn't really bad -Didn't help my acne -Redness.. oh so much redness My opinion, is that this little product burn't like a b. Chamomile irritates my skin personally a lot.. when it's actually suppose to soothe redness? Every product I use with chamomile burns, why do you hate me so much chamomile? I LOVE THE SMELL OF CHAMOMILE. The only reason I didn'

By Gripy,