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  1. I have licorice extract and green tea extract (both formulated for topical application and product mixing) to help battle the redness benzoyl peroxide causes. I use tretinoin at night but my acne warrants benzoyl peroxide in the morning. Problem: The 2.5% is too harsh on my skin. I've used it for months and it still irritates my skin to an embarassing degree. I think a less % of benzoyl peroxide will take care of what my tretinoin leaves behind. I want to mix the two calming extracts with the be
  2. So I've been having facial redness issues for years, but never really got on the issue because of how much I hate acne. The facial redness resembles a mask that you would put on your face, so it is definitely from the products I use. I use a mixture of clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide right now, and I really don't want to stop using it, for I know acne would be the result, maybe. I have mostly inflammatory acne, so I decided to being a new regimen of mild cleanser, niacinamide lotion, then acne.
    Only have to use it once a day. Redness, peeling, dryness, stinging when I put MOISTURIZER over it, didn't work for me. I would recommend to all wanting to use this product... or any other acne product, to give up on clearing your skin. You're just damaging your skin and walking around not knowing how bad these products make your skin look. Go on Accutane, get this acne crap over with so you can enjoy life. 100+ products later at only age 16, I realized that acne products really don't get you an
  3. Okay, so I went for my LAST derm appointment regarding my accutane treatment, because I was basically finished. He gave me Epiduo? EP-I-DU-O? He didn't really explain why I was using an acne treatment after my acne is gone, but I went home and had to wait 2 weeks to use it. Today I put it on, BURRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSS. My face is red, big pores, grossgrossgrossgross. Did anyone else get an acne treatment after curing their acne with isotretinoin(accutane)? My face was lookin so sexy! Until I
  4. Unless you can get access to a cortizone shot, leave it alone... it's under the skin and probably a cyst. If you want a scar just keep tweekin with it. If you get a lot of cysts just go on Accutane and get all the nasty acne and harmful products over with. Best advice
    -Soothing -AMAZING scent -Good moisturizers -Did the cleaning job -My face was very soft -Even though soothing, also burn't really bad -Didn't help my acne -Redness.. oh so much redness My opinion, is that this little product burn't like a b. Chamomile irritates my skin personally a lot.. when it's actually suppose to soothe redness? Every product I use with chamomile burns, why do you hate me so much chamomile? I LOVE THE SMELL OF CHAMOMILE. The only reason I didn'
  5. Oh god, sounds like a horror movie! Look for some products in the "Neutrogena Rapid Clear" line. I just bought the toner
  6. Injections to level the skin I believe? This website has scar treatment info. Look for rolling scars, ice pick scars, deep scars, etc.
  7. I'm 16 and I use anti age skin products now that my accutane course is over..lol. But I recommend Neutrogena Healthy Skin Rejuvenator. It has TONS of great reviews. I bought it weeks ago, later to find out I can't use it for a couple months
  8. This is a really terrible story and I can't imagine what you must feel like. You're going to have to consider using make-up, but you have a severe problem that make up can be the solution to, so don't put yourself in a position where you feel feminine.
  9. Find a strong moisturizer off the regimen. The flakiness clogs your pores, leading to more acne. The dryness can age your skin a lot faster. Something I used for ragingly dry skin was Jergens Ultra Healing body lotion. I thought it clogged pores because it didn't say otherwise, but my dermo assured me that it didn't. I STRONGLY recommend it.
  10. Indention's in the skin kind-of-scars. Worst kind.
  11. http://www.amazon.com/Neutrogena-Moisture-...753&sr=8-11 Look for it in stores!
  12. Haha, I remember in the morning before school I would go to the dermotologist, get extractions, and go to school with 10 little bleeding holes in my face.