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    Lighting and camera setting cheeks didn't change and I think my nose got worse it's expensive I had 3 treatments at $350.00 a pop and after the third I didn't care for the results so I stopped. I would go see the dermatologist, at your age you might be able to correct it and you would want to find something that works now then wait and be worse later.
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    From the album: Me

    Laser Genesis 3 treatments and 1 N-Lite
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    From the album: Me

    Laser Genesis 3 treatments and 1 N-Lite
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    From the album: Me

    Laser Genesis 3 treatments and 1 N-Lite
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    From the album: Me

    Results from Laser Genesis 3 treatments and 1 N-lite( not much for positive results)
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    Me ready for bed lol
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    From the album: Me

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    From the album: Me

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    From the album: Me

    Large pores what can I do about them? I hate them and I look at other people and see theres are no were as big even people who have acne all over there face. What can I do about them?
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    From the album: Me

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    From the album: Me

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    From the album: Me

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    From the album: Me

    I have large pores and want to know what can I do to get rid of them? I'm pregnant, so I can't use Salic Acid and I have a appointment for Laser Genesis on the 18th. I've tried everything over the counter and been to derm were they now want me on Accutane, but I don't want to use that stuff and I plan on brest feeding so thats a no for two years. It really seems to get worse daily, I have dry skin and oily at night. Right now I'm using Clarisonic two times a day and with the Clarisonic pore ref