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  1. I've never dated in the conventional sense and my relationship with my girlfriend - my first relationship at the age of 27 - started via Facebook and it long distance so I wouldn't say that's particularly conventional either, but I do think that it ultimately comes down to finding the right kind of person. Wherever they may be and however you find them, if they're the right person for you, and you them, they won't care in the slightest about your skin. If you can start to put yourself out
  2. I've been on both sides of the situation, both as the person with the insecurities about their skin in front of their partner, and as the partner of someone with insecurities about their skin. It's something we've talked about and we're not really bothered by it at all now. I think my girlfriend's actually the only person I've ever felt totally secure with, regardless of what my skin's doing. In fact, being around her makes me feel better about myself generally. I guess that's how it should
  3. Hey Rob. As you know, I'm pretty dysmorphic with the whole image thing and it's a battle where mirrors are concerned. The best thing I can share and always try and remember is simply to walk away. The moment you feel you're dwelling on things in front of the mirror, walk away. The thing is, it's only really difficult to do that when we're struggling. Then it creates a bit of a vicious cycle. I had a breakout recently, first time in a while, and I made it so much worse because of the tim
  4. There's definitely something to be said for the theory that we have to recover post-acne and clearing the acne itself doesn't instantly mean our problems are solved. I fell into that trap and when I cleared my acne and I became really depressed because I realised all the other problems and insecurities I had were generally of my own making and were all still there. Guess I just thought I'd instantly become "like everyone else". It's been about a year post-acne and generally I'm feeling better
  5. Great to hear something so positive, glad to hear you feel you've turned a corner. I always thought that would remain something out of reach but things improved more and more throughout 2012, as did other areas of my personal life. Generally I'm acne free these days and all other areas of my life are on track and moving forward. It's amazing what time can do and how things can turnaround so much in a year. It's a short space of time in the grand scheme of things. I hope these kind of th
  6. I can look at this from a couple of perspectives, having ended up on the wrong end of things and getting rejected by girls who were shallow and narrow-minded, but also having found someone who accepts me just as I am and loves me for it. For many years when I was struggling with persistent acne and making things twice as bad due to obsessive skin picking, I was only ever rejected by girls who didn't look beyond my complexion. I cleared my acne about a year ago and generally have a grip on th
  7. Although I don't watch the show as such and don't know what Eric said, there were time when I happened to see Helen in there and noticed how her skin had gotten worse as time went on. It's kind of refreshing to see people looking, well, normal on TV. Ordinarily, someone like that would be plastered in makeup and looking like they'd been airbrushed to within an inch of their life. Seeing someone from that environment looking natural and without makeup is a good thing as far as perceptions are
  8. PaulH85

    Bdd Essay

    I can't add much more, Spotthedifference hit the nail on the head there. All I will say is that you're beautiful on the outside and there's clearly oceans of depth to you compared to those people who obviously contributed to your struggles. Where those struggles are concerned, I sense from your writing that you're plenty strong enough to get through it all and come out of the other side, without a doubt.
  9. I watched the first half, haven't seen the second half yet. Part of me wasn't sure if I wanted to see the second half; it seemed like it was shaping up as some kind of anti-Accutane thing. I'll check out the rest of it though. I will say though, it got me thinking that stuff like this is a bit more public now and acne doesn't seem like such a big deal in terms of the number of people suffering. I don't think I ever saw anyone dealing with acne when mine was at its worse. Now you got these pr
  10. I once knew a girl who, when talking about me to her friend, was overheard quite openly saying, "He'd look alright if his skin wasn't so gross!" That happened eight years ago and in many ways I have held on to that because there's always that thought in the back of my mind, wondering if people I meet will be like her. Unfortunately, I have actually met more people like that along the way. I have also met people who have complimented me on other things and reassured me when I was down about
  11. If we're categorising it on age then I guess I'm "winning" so far, at the age of 27. My experience with girls is absolute zero. You name it, I haven't done it. Maybe I'm missing out, maybe I'm not, I have no idea. What I do know is that feeling bad about it or letting it bother me doesn't help and would essentially be pointless. I just figure these things happen with the right people at the right time, when they're meant to and when you're ready. I don't base these things on religious belief
  12. The thread, 'Open Letter to Dan' hasn't been deleted, it's still here in the forum.
  13. I think a lot of it does come down to confidence and how we act. It's about perceptions. If we appear as though we're conscious of something in particular, we end up drawing attention to it. I always end up doing that when things aren't going so well and I kind of withdraw and act differently. I don't suppose it's especially appealing. It's all quite interesting to talk about this stuff though because my experiences have been that people I showed an interest in quite openly disliked what
  14. Welcome aboard! Sounds like your persistence in getting through the medication minefield is going to pay off. Fingers crossed the Accutane brings you the results you're no doubt hoping for.
  15. Not aware of any issues. Working fine for me.