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  1. fit the ambi fade cream into my day and night regimen? I'm still trying to keep acne away so please help.... my products... clearasil daily face wash clearasil daily face scrub clearasil adult acne treatment ambi fade cream ambi spf moisturizer
  2. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab22/It...9-54-34_734.jpg to you they may not look bad but I see ugly when I look in the mirror I am not confident at all... the regimen I use is keping the acne away but no luck with ridding scars. I don't know what to do!!!! someone I love dearly was telling me to use proactiv and that hurt because it make me feel less pretty...
  3. I've tried it about a year ago but don't remember if it caused acne or not..... Have anyone tried it? Did it help with acne & scars?
  4. Now that I'm controlling my acne I'm stuck with dark marks all over my face anything besides neutrogena guys that has fade post acne marks?
  5. Clearasil adult treatment cream is the only thing that has worked for me so far
  6. So my regimen is simple... Day: clearasil face wash, ambi spf moisturizer Night: clearasil face wash/daily face scrub(2times a wk), clearasil adult acne treatment It has definitely changed for the better as far as how much acne I use to get but I got alot of scars and I hate it. I'm embarrassed taking pictures because I don't want ppl to talk bout them. I wear my hair down so people won't notice it much.. they still do. My scars make me feel so ugly... Are there any treatments that heel sca
  7. i have been using natures cure two step for females and im happy to say i only have one pimple on my face the rest is scars they look badddd but im thankful its not full of bumps... my question is how do i get rid of the scars? will ambi moisturizer fade them?? i refuse to use creams...
  8. thanks guys i think im ellergic to half the acne products lmao its really sad i try to laugh about it to keep from crying :'( but do any of you know of a good mild cleanser?
  9. my acne always get worse when i start using a acne product i might stick to non acne products thanks
  10. im getting very frustrated and sad because although my acne may seem very mild i have marks all over my face i honestly hate the way i look i feel so ugly i dont even want to be around guys anymore ... acne products make my skin worse so what should i do??