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  1. I just finished up my 6 months on accutane. All my zits are gone but I still have red spots on my face that lay flat against my shin. Are these scars or red marks? How can I get rid of whatever they are? THANKS!!!
  2. i just finished my cycle of accutane. All of my zits are gone but i still have red marks on my cheeks and forehead. The marks i have are completely flat against my skin. Does anyone know anything i can do to get rid of them without using laser treatments. THANKS ALOT EVERYBODY!!!!
  3. i am finishing my 6 months of accutane in a couple of days and wanted to know what i should do once i'm done with it. I don't have any more zits but i still have red marks on my cheeks and forehead. Please tell me how I can get rid of these!! Also what cleanser/moisturizer ect... should i begin using since i will be off tane. THANKS FOR ALL OF THE HELP!!!!!
  4. i'm on my 2nd month of accutane and wanted to know if i could use dan's regimen while on tane please answer
  5. which is better: moisturizer with spf 15 or 30?
  6. I'm currently on my 2nd month of accutane and was wondering if i could use either ahas or bhas while on it?