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  1. I was set on a 4 month course but just the other day my dermatologist came to see me, studied my face and decided on an extra month at least. As far as he was concerned the less courses you have to go on in a lifetime the better so he'd rather I prolong this course and get rid of any activity whatsoever rather than I come back with more permanent scarring in another three years. It's up to you though. If psychologically you feel stable and the drug's general side-effects aren't affecting you to
  2. Could you ask her to take you to a plastic surgeon? It was only they that could tell me how permanent my scars will be. Could you provide us with a picture of this green thing? It may be that you have a serious infection under the skin. You must see a dermatologist and certainly your doctor if you can't see your dermatologist straight away. By the time you're having children there could well be a proper cure for acne other than accutane, that even has a higher cure rate. I imagin
  3. Databased nailed your logical fallacy. However, I thought I should add that while I have severe acne, my sister has only ever had very mild spots. Likewise, she suffers from eczema yet I don't.
  4. Thanks a lot for the information. I am considering getting a professional to do it (I do not want to risk causing myself infection or anything like that). My dermatologist highly recommends it.
  5. You've misunderstood. Just because sex (or at least the large hormonal changes caused by sex) can cause your acne to get worse it does not automatically equate to a cause. This is a logical fallacy, though a common one. See here for a more thorough explanation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Correlation_d...imply_causation
  6. If anything I would have thought masturbating regularly helps to clear the skin, if have any effect at all. It's a fact that masturbation causes you to relax and a well known cause of flare-ups in acne is due to stress. Hence why I would predict the above.
  7. Source for backing the claim that that's "bullshit"? Just curious. On another note I found this interesting: http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal...=1&SRETRY=0 This further backs the notion that sebum does not in fact help retain moisture in the skin. Then this website claims sebum makes one less prone to signs of aging including wrinkles. However it explains that this is because sebum helps "to keep precious moisture locked in the epidermis, or outermost layer of the skin
  8. Some of you appear to be failing to see the point. It has been suggested that our bodies, those of us with acne already, are coping with high cholesterol by excreting it out of the body more so via skin pores than a person without acne. This does not mean high cholesterol causes acne. That wasn't even proposed. The point is that for us in particular this may be a contributing factor to the greater severity of our acne compared to others.
  9. I recommend you replace your benzoyl peroxide for E45 cream (moisturiser). Because, a has already been said, BP dries out your skin; accutane is going to do/be doing this already but to a much more effective extent so you're only going to make your skin more flaky and dry. The latter are poor conditions for healing which you will need to reduce the chances of scaring and, more importantly, healing the imperfections already on your face.
  10. If anything you should moisturise more so that your skin is less dry when you shave it and thus less prone to damage.
  11. Are you sure it does nothing? Source: http://www.wellsphere.com/exercise-article...ily-skin/387647
  12. May I ask who originally claimed this? I just don't recall hearing masturbation could worsen acne before.
  13. I know my scars will last forever because a plastic surgeon told me. However, there are new scar treatments that have cropped up in the last few years so even if I can't afford them now, I will be able to when I'm older. That's what keeps me going.
  14. Yeah, while most of these cases could well be simple hormonal changes due to age (most people take accutane in the teenage/young adult years when your sex drive is slowly declining anyway) and hypochondriacs, I think I am also experiencing the same thing to certain extent and I have a friend who had problems getting an erection for at least a few weeks afterwards. Better to be safe rather than sorry in this circumstance, I'd say. Doctors and dermatologists don't spend hours browsing t
  15. I was thinking about how if you have a hair style that has hair hanging over, near or on your face then your bound to be increasing the chances of spots coming back.