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    College, Sports, having fun with friends. I am big into the club scene, love trance/techno/house music with a passion. Driving is my big interest, I love it. Best way to relieve stress is go for a big drive round the countryside where I live, no speed limit, lots of bends, mmm what else can a guy ask for! I have my own car I'm working on tuning up to the max, although it costs alot :( <br /><br />Oh I love movies too.<br /><br />DJF
  1. Hi Rafe,

    Sorry to add you randomly but i came across your post about the anti-spot kit. i recently bought the kit off natural elements and havnt seen an improvment in 7 days, dont know if i am using the kit properly, please reply or email me at [email protected], Thankyou, Chris

  2. 9 years of emotional pain if you let acne get to you, if your face is getting owned by acne with no sign of letting up, try highlighting something else, like your body.. eventually it will go away and youll have an awesome body to boot.. its all in the head
  3. all I'm saying is when you feel bad about acne, think about people who have stuff that causes ACTUAL pain 24/7 -- not emotional pain. cancer etc is included. i just happened to fuckin get tonsillitis, and if you laugh at tonsiliitis being a joke of a thing, I pray to god you get it so you can experience the hell that it is just so the next time someone gets it, youll be more considerate. imagine a razor slicing your throat everytime you swallow, EVERYTIME. im not asking for sympathy, i am j
  4. try getting a case of severe tonsillitis the week before xmas.. the pain of no comparison when simply swallowing, constant sweating, chills, the fact you can't sleep, and even if you could would probably get up due to the bath of sweat on your bed. honest to fucking god, I would PAY to have acne over this right now. I have had it since last tuesday and it still hurts like hell worst part is, ibuprofen dont even work for me so I get to feel the pain in all its glory. /swallow just think
  5. i find it sad that because 1 person says it didnt work for him (when he said it was at first) then people assume this stuff is shit.. youre loss then and its not 'after a year of using the products', you wouldnt know because you've never tried to get a refund.. if you did you wouldnt have said that I still use the stuff because it works great, and I still recommend ya try it if ya havent oh and I never used this stuff before I signed up for these forums, Imade a post a while ago saying I j
  6. sorry for trying to help works for me. ya 22 quid a month is expensive for 3 things.. not and james, your a fucking moron. I said eating healthy and drinking lots of water while using this regimen helps, I didn't say it was needed. the reason you have acne is because you sit on forums 24/7 and have no life.. cure that and im sure youll cure your acne. last time I try to give my advise on these forums, ignorant tards.
  7. your probably using the face wash wrong if your not feeling clean i was too.. i find it works best if you wet your hands, apply the cleanser to hands, then rub into face creating a good lather.. then just keep massaging it around and after about 30-40 seconds you should have this amazingly soft feeling on your skin. ive ran out of my recent batch, it lasts about a month.. also dont apply the serum to clear skin, it will force breakouts. the serum hits the spot and makes it go away, so if y
  8. i didnt say it was a miracle cure, jesus christ almighty you like putting words in peoples mouthes. before/after? well, I dont have a before because my self esteem was so low when i had big breakouts i wouldnt take photos. if you look at my pictures now, my skin wasnt that clear before NE. i guess thats all the proof i have. but since this is all natural proven ingredients, could someone please tell me how its not going to have a similar effect on someone else? its not like BP own your face wh
  9. ive always had moderate acne and I've had some serious breakouts where i had lots of pimples / flaky skin.. this was when using CLEARASIL. i then started using the 3 things from NE, the cleanser smells amazing, and is a lightly foaming gel and your face really does feel cleansed after it. the moisturizer absorbs in the skin very well and makes a noticable difference, and the spot serum adds a flaky layer over your skin. The first time you use it on spots, you know its working because when you
  10. it isn't a multi millionaire company ? talk shit all you like you haven't tried it, hell, you probably still use Clearasil, so enjoy having acne but get the fuck out of my thread thats actually trying to help those who aren't sheep.
  11. my skin cleared up in less than a week.. the testimonials aren't fake, I know, one is mine. when you buy theproduct your offered the chance to give a review. the product also comes with a year long certificate of guarentee so you can get your money back even if you've used the entire bottle.. doesnt matter what the fuck the site says, what it says is it will bring your skin back to its natural beauty and clear spots within 2 weeks. it says this because thats exactly what it does.. so, i dunno
  12. www.naturalelements.co.uk i've been using this for months, it is my cure. I used to have oily mild acne skin, now i have perfectly clear skin. if you don't believe me, look at my photos. its all 100% natural ingredients, and its made on demand.. if you're in the position i was when i tried it (taking a risk and going for it) try this now.. damn right im plugging this, because it works. I HAVE tried capsiderm, my full bottle sits on my shelve, it made me break out liek a bitch and i dont recom
  13. wow way to post the ending to AC in your fucking forum pic, nice one moron
  14. reporting in: this stuff just hasn't worked at all for me.. I used it every day once a day for 5 days, then twice a day for a few more days, and while it made my skin look ok right after a wash, LOTS of spots have started to develope on areas I had none. its not even fking funny how i was before i started this to what i am now. the stuff I used before was amazing and costs 20$ every 1 1/2 months (gives moisturizer and spot serum aswell as face wash) if you people want something that REALLY wo