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  1. Inspiring post! Not only with people who are undergoing acne, but as well trials in life. Thank you for this.
  2. I feel ya, I don't often get cystic acne nowadays however I got lots of scarring from the acne breakout I had last year.. the part that was affected is the cheeks which are often the area where the scarring is noticeable and horrible in my opinion... and yeah however right now I don't have any means to have it treated, I am planning to undergo microdermabrasion treatment, which I think is not that as harsh as laser.. but I still need to save money for it! Ah.
  3. Thanks a lot for the tips, I'll keep them in mind. I haven't tried the whipped cream version though it has good reviews too about how it is easily manageable than the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foudation. Aaaaah thanks as well for the swatch color I'll definitely try it once I get to buy so, I mean its ok to like try it, to check color match. Over my first foundation I tried it on the wrist as I don't want to put anything on my face in public places haha as well how the lighting may play a big par
  4. I'm sorry to hear that! It was definitely hard for me to find a color match too, good thing places like Walgreens let people return and exchange unlimited of times, haha! I exchanged at least twice to get the color that matches me the most. I don't know how much Colorstay u r using; but for me, I would say the size of a rice grain is enough for half of my face. Just remember to use it really lightly, if you want more coverage, then go back and apply a tiny bit more, and repeat until you get t
  5. Don't give up on it just yet I can give u a tip on applying ANY foundations, is to apply it with a semi WET brush, but not dripping wet ( The ones that looks like paint brush, I don't know if there's a specific name for it) A LITTLE bit goes a long way, especially for Revlon Colorstay, it's insanely high coverage, so it tends to look unnatural if you apply a little bit too much. And to take off make up, try using cold cream by Ponds. Just follow the instructions on it Hi thaaaaank you for
  6. hiiiiii everyone ^^

  7. Seeing good reviews and rave about Colorstay I was excited to buy it, and I bought it! Like everyone here it felt awful =/. I am not sure if my lack of make-up skills since its my first foundation.. but its indeed like a mask, sticky and heavy, the downside of it too is just how its so hard to remove... and having to experience acne, you just really want your skin to breathe, you want to go to bed with clean skin.. and after some wipes another wipes and so on.. its still coming, and even after w
  8. cinnamon girl

    My Acne

    I am quitting BP after depending on it for years and this the current state of my acne, only using mild soap. Affected area have always been the left and right cheek.
  9. Yes I definitely do, from siblings, relatives and even stranger who has clear skin! It feels pathetic at times coz envy won't serve you any good but yeah, its something that I sort out every now and then. As for your brother, I really do hope he manage to cope with it, we do know how it feels like to struggle with acne and witnessing it happen to those people who are close to us definitely can get painful but yeah I hope the best for you and your brother.
  10. Agree with everyone else, your skin looks so gooooood! there's nothing more I can say, hope I can get nearly as clear as are haha
  11. I can totally relate to this, just the other day pick on a small rough whiteheads, wasn't successful so it turn out to look way woooorst and noticeable. I rant and told myself over and over to never do it again, so am trying to avoid mirrors lately (can get depressing) and not miss my regimen.
  12. aaaaah when can I get clear skin? =(

  13. going back to bp or not? =/

  14. I have been picking lately. For me, it's those blackheads you think you can get but they are too deep - so I try and give up and they turn into a zit. I usually never pick but since my skin blew up I have been. NO MORE NOW. I usually try hard not to pick due to my scarring, I scar easily. Lol and i have Whitehead's under the skin and if I see a chance of getting it out, I definitely take it! Lol but yeah if u mess with blackheads too much, they turn into pimples, worst feeling ever! Have yo