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  1. has ortho tri cyclen worked for anyone with moderate acne? im starting it soon and i really would like to know if anyone has had luck!!
  2. hello everyone so like many of you i have had endless visits to dermatologists with no initial results.. grrr. I have had acne since i was about 13 and at that time it was managable with over the counter stuff! so a year and half ago i was prescribed doxycylcin evoclyn and differin.. no results after 3 months. My derm later said that i should try aramis a laser treatment which i did it helped a little bit. He also put me on aczone... i saw no improvement but my acne didnt get worse either. 2 m
  3. Im getting the first Aramis laser treatment today.. i'm really hoping it goes well. I will deffinately let you know!
  4. i have been on aczone for 2 weeks now and honestly im amazed at how much its helped already! i am seeing less bumps and it has reduced the reddness. i dont know if this will help anyone but i do think aczone is working for me. I have had moderate acne, and i have been on differen and doxycylin and neither of those have worked. my fingers are crossed that this aczone will continue to clear up my skin!
  5. I've been on doxycyclin, differn and evoclyn for about 6 months, and I had minimal improvement. So right now I am using aczone topical, it hasn't quite been a week, but im seeing improvements..anyway my derm recommended this Aramis laser treatment..I'm wondering if anyone has used this treatment before? I want to know if it's worked for anyone..