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  1. Prednisone is a corticosteroid. These steroids are used to immediately and effectively reduce inflammation. It's given to people with really bad skin inflammation conditions along with Accutane sometimes. And it's also prescribed to people after their wisdom teeth get removed, to reduce the inflammation of the mouth/jaw area, and probably plenty of other situations where inflammation is involved. When you took your short course of this steroid, it reduced the inflammation in your body, and
  2. seems a little strong. I'm glad you're not leaving the SA 20% on all day though. I'm pretty sure that strength is for warts.
  3. I totally agree. In my opinion, cleansers should always be light. Medicated cleansers don't do jack shizzz for acne. I'm all about topical leave on creams. When I was younger, and dumber, I used the Panoxyl 10% BP bar on my face because I saw it had lots of stars from reviews on the site... little did I know people said it was great for BODY acne, not the face. Needless to say, my face dried out BAD, and I still got tons of pimples. I went to the derm and they made me put prescription lotions
  4. I used to spot treat with clindamycin, but since that ran out I've been looking into other options. I was toying around with some salicylic acid spot treatments (clinique and clean & clear) and got some results from spot treating over a period of 3 to 4 days. what salicylic spot treatment is the best? preferably one that i can pick up at a local drug store. I like BP at night time but throughout the day I need something clear, so I dont have a white spot on my face.
  5. I use Epiduo at night and also use Cetaphil face lotion about 30 minutes afterwards. I haven't really noticed any huge changes in skin, but no huge setbacks either. I've been doing this for a month, so I wanna give it more time to work. My dermatologist told me that when I use moisturizer, I could be diluting the effects of Epiduo at night time, and that if anything, wait like 2 hours afterwards to put some lotion on. I'm kind of weirded out, because even when I put moisturizer on after Ep
  6. don't get your hopes up looking at Dan's What to Expect timeline. for most people: -initial breakouts and the worst of them happened between weeks 3 to 6 -smaller breakouts still happen during 7-12 -your optimal results will show after 12 weeks of use.
  7. Give it more time. Trust me, it'll start to become irritated. The Regimen helps without a doubt, but if I were you, I would try to bump up to using BP, but the full dosage that dan uses (one full fat finger length) is a lot of BP. The reason I dont like using that much is that it inhibits some healing so red marks tend to linger around longer. But when I did the regimen, my face didn't start to get severely dry and flakey until the 2nd or 3rd week.
  8. good luck! it's a very long road. but things should definitely start to look up before school starts. Arizona summer's get very intense. you probably already knew that. just wear a moisturizer with lots of SPF.
  9. paranoid. you'll be fine. But I would prefer a gentle cleanser and some leave on benzoyl peroxide.
  10. I agree with the above poster. Dan's BP is a must have for the Regimen, but the other products you can get from the drugstore. Cerave moisturizer and cetaphil cleanser will work just fine.
  11. c'mon murph. You should feel encouraged right now. You just started a new regimen, with successful prescription medications. You should be optimistic right now! It's the only way you will keep from misery. I know you talk about how you stopped hitting the gym because of losing confidence. I really suggest you get back into it though man. People at the gym don't care if you have pimples, they are more likely to be self-centered and looking at their biceps while they do some curls (like me). I t
  12. Im 20 years old, male. I cut out whey protein from my diet a while (few weeks) ago, and just ate two or three hard boiled egg whites after working out. It's made no difference in my acne. I still have breakouts, not any worse and not any better than coming off. I did start a new topical treatment (Epiduo) which is causing me to purge a little from adapalene. So would you agree that it's safe to put whey protein back in my diet? I use Muscle Milk, lactose free. Has anybody else found that dr
  13. HA! that's funny that they prescribed BP and Clin.. hmmm, maybe I have another calling? I'd be much more convinced if my skin was perfect haha. But seriously, glad they found a diagnosis. I did brief research (Google & "I'm feeling lucky" button) and came across and article that states this condition (Rosacea Fulminans) is rare, and is exclusive to woman that are "well past adolescence", but none the less, they are dead on. Article also states that using corticosteroids alongside Accutane i
  14. I just started Epiduo last week! Since yesterday my initial breakout has started. Not fun! I'll be following your log, so keep updating!
  15. Scientifically, I've read that the Clindamycin/Differin combo is very effective. Differin allows the Clindamycin to penetrate deeper into the pores. Clindamycin phosphate 1% should be good. The topical gel clindamycin should work fine for you. And yeah, what Green Gables said. Give it time if it's hormonal acne. You're hitting the acne from internally and topically. It's only a matter of time.