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  1. I can spend soo long squeezing all the pores out of my face. Or if I rub myskin virgorously with my fingers I can accumalate so much dirt. It's disgusting. And within two days my whole face is clogged again. It's not acne that gets me down as it is the clogged pores.
  2. Yes. This. I think about my skin all the time. All the damn time. Every few seconds. Everything relates to my skin somehow. I'll be sitting in class and it's like i have two sides to my mind. One side is paying attention and the other is dwelling on my skin. I hate it. so much.
  3. how the hell am I suppoused to pay for couseling? i'm a poor college student. i barely eat. i don't think i'm going to be able to afford any therapist. and i'm not eligibal for any aid. so yeah. not sure how that is going to happen.
  4. that's true. unfortunately i'm unhappy. quite unhappy.
  5. every day sucks. i don't want to do what i gotta do tomorrow. i'm sick of it. i hate it.
  6. I had a blackhead on my back a few weeks ago. It had been there for years...I thought it was a mole. It was HUGE. HUGE HUGE HUGE. I don't have alot of body acne..but I had this bad boy. Anyways, my man was touching my back and felt it and asked what it was. I said it was a mole. He didn't believe me and investigated the situation. Turns out it was the biggest blackhead of the century. He ended up spending the next twenty minutes servicing me. He called in his team and they extracted the evil fro
  7. I dont think you need to worry, you are a cutie :)

  8. This. I've seen the kind of woman he has dated. Hell, i've even read about them. I don't understand what he sees in me when...
  9. He has journals everywhere. I think i counted....10 or so. And I asked him if I could read them before. Bad mistake, there is a reason they should be private. But I was curiouse. I've never had this issue with other men. But with him...I do. AH
  10. It's getting better every day. One of the worst things is not being able to just wake up in the morning and hang out in bed with him. I feel like I immediatly need to go into the bathroom and freshen up. Take a shower, comb my hair, put some mascara on. I feel so hidouse natural. I wish that I didn't. And also, sex with the lights on. NOT HAPPENING. How can anyone enjoy that when they look a mess like I do. I wouldn't even be able to enjoy myself. The whole time my mind would be on how my skin
  11. I am in a constant state of anxiety about my face. The worst part is...if I have to speak publicaly. I'll break out in a rash and the most prominate rashy places are those which have red marks and scars. I look like a freak. Most people don't even want to look at me. And it seems like i always am made to talk in front of my class and what not...
  12. Wow. I would be so happy. I would start going to Mass again every Sunday. I would have so much more confidence. Start doing things I havn't done because my skin held me back. I would be SUCH a different person.
  13. umn yeah. i would make sure no never eat anything that makes me fat though. like...i mean it when i say that i would do whatever it takes to get rid of this horrible skin! The one thing i wouldn't do is sell the soul. But other than that, i'm game.
  14. I'm in this great relationship. But my self esteem and self worth are shit. I saw pictures of my boyfriends ex's who are so adorably cute and clear skinned. It makes a pit in my stomach form. As much as he loves me...I wish I was more beautiful; more feminine. Softer and clearer for him. But I'm not. And I really believe that you can love someone greatly without appearance playing a huge part. But I also believe that love is stronger and truer when the person you are with is the most beautifully
  15. Edit because I ment to make this a topic. Not a reply. But on that note...everything you have written...is how I feel as well.