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  1. Hi, i am from Klang, Selangor. I discovered this website 2 years ago while trying hard to search for a suitable acne product for my husband. I was wary at first however decided to ask him to give it a try since nothing here worked for him. The first few months was a struggle and he almost gave up. I had to keep encouraging him as well as applying the products on him (man, u can't expect he can be gentle with his hands!). It took us close to 3 mths to get used of the products and notificing the d
  2. Hi all, I have just started using the AHA on my shoulder acne. I wonder how frequent should i apply? For the face regimen, we are told to use it every other day, eg. 2-3 times a week to have a better result comparing to those using it everyday. How about body acne? Should i follow the same or it is ok to use everyday since the skin is thicker?
  3. Gosh!! It might as well back to square one. No more acne but more scars! I really feel like a monster looking at the mirror with all those deepen scars. Help! Should i stop using the BP now to avoid more scars or deepen it? I do not want my face to end up like the moon!
  4. The same goes to me. I noticed the scars get deeper and deeper which i never experienced before especially on my cheeks. My pimples are mostly on my chin so it shouldn't have scars my cheeks. I have had those old scars years ago. I am not sure if im being too sensitive or what but indeed the scars are getting very obvious lately. Does BP have anything to do with it? What can i do to stop it from getting more serious and deeper? Can AHA help? Or does it have anything to do with black/whiteheads?
  5. Can AHA be used on clear skin (those with no acne problem) as a moisturizer js to have a more even n toned skin? If yes, how often can it be used?
  6. yeah, what to do with the blackheads? Just leave it there or should i get squeeze it out? Is it allowed to even do so? How about pimples with pus? Can we squeeze it or just apply BP or AHA to get rid of it? I am not sure if i am over reacted but i noticed the scars are deeper recently when i squeezed out the pus and blackheads. I will normally squeeze it and apply BP over it. Is it ok?
  7. How long have you been on The Regimen? For now, you could try dabbing a little bit of extra BP right onto the spots. I thought normally jojoba is to be added with moisturizer? Sometimes i really thought of stocking up some of the BP to avoid runnig out of it which may cause break out. Do we have to rely on the BP forever? Really hope there is a day whereby the acne will stop coming..
  8. If you're just starting, space two or three used out over a week. Hi C'est La Vigne, Like you said, if we are js starting, space two or three used out over a week. I am a bit confused. I am on the routine twice a day, morning and night. Does it mean if i use it today morning (Wed), i could only use it again on Friday morning at least? Does this application work like BP whereby i need to increase the pump to max 2? Let's say after a month, i should still space it two or three used out ove
  9. Thanks a lot! I shall try it and hopefully it gives me a better result..
  10. Hi! Let's say i am using it as moisturizer, how much should i apply? Likewise for the moisturizer, i know that i should use 2 pumps. You did mention to apply sunblock before going out. Sunblock is to be applied lastly right?
  11. It is absolutely normal. Trust me! You will eventually falling in love with this product once it started to clear up bit by bit but you must STRICTLY follow the instructions and be patient with it for at least few months.
  12. Hi! I have been on Regimen for 3 mths now and so far it is working well for me and seen some improvement. However i still do get some on n off acne (not much 1-2). Thought of using AHA as spot treatment but not sure how to use it. Dan mentioned it can be used as moisturizer too. Does it mean if i were to use this AHA as moisturizer i can js skip the using the other moisturizer? Or if i use it as a spot treatment, when should i apply it? After the moisturizing process? Should i wait until the mo
  13. Hi there, Just wanna check. Does anyone here having extra bottle of BP? Anyone willing to sell to me (hopefully cost to cost) My bro's supplies are on the way. His current ones likely to last for few more days or one week, especially the BP. Missed out buying in adv. Due to high courier, got to settle for the First Class Mail which may take 1-3 weeks to arrive. Can someone help?
  14. Hihi.. Im from Klang, Sel. Melodee mayb we can share? Im planning to buy a second course for my husband. Will take the BP and moisturizer and struggling whether to take AHA+. You tried that so far? Which service you took the last time you placed the order? I took First Class Mail and started worrying of non delivery after realising it is a non guaranteed delivery. Fortunately, it reached me in 9 days. Not sure if to choose the same this time.
  15. Hi DHS, I tried to start using AHA now. You mentioned to use it as a night time moisturizer, 3-4 times week. Now that i am using Dan's cleanser + BP + moisturizer, does it mean if iuse AHA, i can change it to cleanser + BP + AHA? Or i still have to use moisturizer before AHA? Can i know the sequence and time frame to apply each after one another? Thanks!!