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  1. yep, females prefer jerks. i can relate....27 and never really had a real relationship. also saving myself for marriage but i wonder whats the point now? no one is saving themselves for me.
  2. i'm not using it for acne, i'm using it to cook with and take orally nutiva is unrefined. anywhere online i can find it with free shipping and cashback?
  3. im going to start using coconut oil whats the best kind/brand to use? nutiva organic extra virgin coconut oil seems like the best to order, around 22 bucks for 59 fl oz. theres also NSI brand that costs a little less.
  4. i'm looking for a natural shampoo without all the parabens and sulfates in it. any recommendations ? i found that puritan's pride now has their own shampoos/conditioners that dont contain parabens/SLS and are 100% vegetarian ingredients http://www.puritan.com/hair-care-032/nouri...30657?NewPage=1 Other Ingredients: Purified Water, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, Sodium Cocoyl Sarcosinate, Coco-Glucoside (and) Glyceryl Oleate, Sodium Lauroyl Oat Amino Acids, Sodium Chl
  5. i drank ACV (bragg's organic) and cant say it did anything for me
  6. i am looking to purchase a blender. my original plan was just to get a cheaper one from target/bed bath & beyond but i want something good that will last i want a chrome/stainless steel/metal blender that is quiet. i am looking at the kitchenaid 5-speed since its a good brand and made in the usa. this cuisinart looks good too and they also have a combined food processor/blender one. which would be better?
  7. you might want to do a parasite cleanse try olive leaf powder
  8. that is teenage boys. most teenagers get acne due to hormones.
  9. it isnt related, unless you have some extreme allergy to dairy. most of us will not see a difference consuming dairy products but there are people who are allergic. everyone isnt the same and we all have different allergies. i've never been a huge dairy consumer and even cut it out completely for a while, there was absolutely no change in my skin. i dont think dairy is really as beneficial as the industry wants us to believe, mainly because of the hormones pumped in milk. the big reason people
  10. I'm getting really scared now hearing all these different ailments I may have. Sorry for my ignorance but aren't most people who have hypothyroid fat/obese? I am thin. Plus I dont' have any of the other symptoms of hypothyroidism. I don't get bruises on my skin, unless I hit something or someone punches me. So maybe I don't have an iron deficiency. So now I'm really confused. NO! it NOT TRUE and a common misconception that everyone who is hypo is overweight/obse. many people who ha
  11. i thought my health was making me look a lot older but recently an age guess on me was 20-21 so i still look younger (27 in a month). this was with a full beard. i hope its true for everyone but i still think it has aged me. i have lines on my forehead now and bags under my eyes, although i've had rings under my eyes since i was a little kid. i've always felt older than my age as far as wisdom/maturity
  12. your dad has the right idea not putting you on accutane. sounds like he cares for your well being. you are in HS and probably have teenage acne, lots of kids in HS get pimples. please dont screw up your face by taking these things while you are young.