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  1. stick with it i went thru same thing and it was the only thing that worked for me after skin adjusts to bp.. i recently stopped regimen cause i grew out my facial hair for a few months and it came back pretty bad now i have to start over.. dryness and flaking and redness again it does suck but i was the only one out of my siblings that had clear skin for a few years the regimen works people thought i got all the good genes but id say it was my treatment that works
  2. most shampoos are what cause bacne anyways just avoid any kind of shampoo or conditioner and use a gentle cleanser like dans cleanser and nothing else if you want to get rid of bacne just cleanse with a gentle cleanser and i add a few drops of tea tree oil and jojoba oil to the bottle and after showering a little aha to your chest and back. avoid any shampoos! they are too alkaline and contain too many chemicals....
  3. i play basketball and sometimes we do shirts and skins and i had some spots on my back the other day one guy was making a bunch of jokes, I felt embarrassed but then I seen other guys with them and they were mostly all flabby fat dudes too, some body acne kinda sucks but i felt good cause at least I have a nice build. One guy said "i wouldnt care about zits on my back if I looked like you did. He is right.... a few comments about these minor flaws that are superficial is nothin to worry about. P
  4. i dunno about acne and milk but i do breakout if i combine lots of dairy and sugar and working out so to prevent this I use more bp when I do slip up and eat a bunch of junk... it always seems to do the trick
  5. just stick with the regimen. im on month 7 now and I had 1 tiny pimple that lasted one day a few weeks ago and thats it. no more breakouts My redness lasted till month 3 but since then its completely gone. Also I only use bp two pumps at night and aha+jojoba oil in morning.... started it at month 5......, and it hasnt done anything but improved my skin. I started to use aha on my back, chest a few months ago and am 98% clear there too. Patience, it takes time, grasshopper........
  6. i do 2 pumps of bp once at night, and aha in the morning(no bp) and am still 100% clear on my face, but ive been on the regimen for 6 months now........it might be different if youre new..... I also am 3 months into the body regimen and just use aha 2 times a day or once on my neck back and chest and usually stay 98% clear.
  7. dont use head and shoulders it contains good ingredients, but also bad ones for your skin. I am in the same boat as you guys i get those ingrown hairs/cysts frequently. Not on my face anymore, but on my neck. Trust me, the products on this site are the only thing that causes my skin to clear completely. I started the face regimen in feb of this year and got excellent results, and about april i started using it on my neck and my neck looks good too, It uses benzoyl peroxide and aha lotion. Try
  8. thanks i'll try it and well see.........
  9. Hello? Anybody out there?
  10. Im at 4 months almost now, and I tell you, I have not ever had this nice of skin.... I DO WHAT DAN SAYS, and not skip or add anything, and when I get a little dry, I use cetaphil instead of dans moisturizer. But from about month 2 till now i have had 2 or three pimples which were not even bad, they would disappear in a couple days.... as opposed to usually 2 to 3 new ones a day before the regimen. The only drawback is I get a little red sometimes when I have an intense workout or get anxious ab
  11. I accidentally mixed an 8 ounce tube of bp in a large pump moisturizer bottle with about a quarter inch of moisturizer still in it ( I thought it was my bp pump bottle) and I realized it, when I pumped it out and it was somewhat less gel-like. There is considerably more bp in the bottle than moisturizer, but I was wondering if it can be used still....or might it hinder the effect of the bp? Id hate to throw it out, because I would need to order again. Any thoughts?
  12. it takes a while sometimes, so be patient. Im at 3 months and still get a spot every now and then, I catch myself rubbing my forehead or scratching my chin more than I should. I also got lazy on drinking water and eating right, but im sure if you do everything within reason (me too) it will clear up for good. just sharing because I had a lot of questions myself when I started, so expect you might get some breakouts or might not.
  13. i used everything you could think of and this regimen is the only thing that really really worked. i am at the 3 month mark now and I dont have any active acne or blackheads or even red marks. It might cost a little more than others ( i spend about $45 per month) but its so worth it try it even if you want to prove it wrong youll see. Follow everything dan says and do research of your own, if you find its not working its probably something your doing wrong not the regimen........
  14. ive been in the same boat... had acne problems since 12, but dans regimen is pretty much the only thing that actually keeps me clear... i use the jojoba and aha also which are helping a lot. it feels weird having really good skin after years of troublesome skin. start your daughter on the regimen now and stick to it to the t and it will save heartache..
  15. I love the products and this site, but i was just wondering why it costs me 10.00 shipping to get my products? they ship out of oakland, ca or san francisco I believe...... and i live only 2 hours from there, any reason it costs so much? I cant afford to buy in bulk... i can only buy a 1-2 month supply at a time.