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  1. Hey! Sorry. I've been only updating when there was any noticeable change. I will do update photos soon. DAY 28-37Activity: Have been clear for a week now. (clear of actives... still have red marks, hyperpigmentation, etc.)Side effects: Still dry lips (Carmex in the morning takes care of it). Joints aren't bothering me as much. No headaches! Overall no side effects besides the dry lips.Misc: So I haven't been updating much because of the lack of changes. I wanted to go back to this thread way l
  2. Hey, I posted on my thread but wanted to tell you to keep your head up high! I read on your post that your skin was still oily as ever. I had THE OILIEST skin in the world! I mean, I would literally get out of the shower with squeaky, clean skin... wait 10 minutes, and would already see the oil on my face. People would always comment on how shiny my skin was and I had to lie to them that it was a special moisturizer I was using. One month on accutane, my oily skin is gone. I've done a ton of res
  3. Hey tduddits! You literally made my morning / past few days. I have been kinda... Ok, I guess depressed because of the complexion of my skin and have been on a research craze about different types of lasers just to have a sense of comfort. We will get through it all! As for the nodules, I feel ya. I think this is normal. For me, it lasts around ~5 ish days (but I am taking 80mg). I'm positive that new acne will turn over quickly once you increase your dosage. By the way, are you taking liver
  4. DAY 22-27 Activity: Everything was felt the same until yesterday, I broke out a little (4 small/ medium whiteheads when I woke up) on my right cheek. One nodule is also starting to form on my left jaw area. Side effects: Same: Dry lips, stiff joints, mild headaches, and some redness. Misc: Almost a month! Got and picked up my 2nd month's prescription. It's funny how when you have acne, all you want is for your skin to feel smooth... but when your skin starts to feel smooth, the bad complexion, r
  5. DAY 18-21 Activity: one active pimple on my right cheek. I can describe it as a very shallow cyst. No pain from pressure. Side effects: DRY lips! Carmex has been a lifesaver. I apply it every 2-3 hours and it seems to keep my dry lips at bay. Dry/ flaky skin around nose. Slightly dry skin overall. Joints are somewhat stiff but manageable. Headaches disappeared about a few days ago. Misc: Although my skin is nowhere near perfect (hyperpigmentation, red marks, redness, overall complexion, etc...),
  6. Hey, my skin is "normal" in that it feels tight coming out of the shower... but my natural oils eventually make it normal. I do have some flaky skin around my nose though!
  7. Hey, Thanks a lot! Means a lot. It's getting better so I'm hopeful! And you are very welcome (although it's NO problem at all for me to share my progress). Let me know how it goes and ask me any questions! If you're skin is similar to mine, I should be able to help in some ways. DAY 14-17 Activity: My left side is completely clear but I have 1 cyst on my right cheek and 2 pustules on my lower jaw area. The pustules go away SO quickly that I already know that it will be gone by morning. Side
  8. Hey thanks for your kind words- means a lot. As for profractional, I'm looking at old photos and I've always had a slight "mask" if you will, but I feel that the treatment made it more red. I think it's due to more blood circulation? I'm considering getting vbeam after my accutane treatment if that's what the derm. feels will work best. I've seen and read good results with profractional so I guess it's a case by case situation.
  9. DAY 11-13 Activity: Three new pustules came up. I think my initial breakout consists of pustules rather than cysts (knock on wood). I had profractional laser treatment in the past that caused a "tanned/ red look around my face" and it seems more pronounced. Could be the weather... but could it be the Accutane "flush"? Side effects: Dry lips (manageable), stiff joints (manageable), and headaches. Misc: Ugh... this week. I didn't feel so hot because I noticed how dark my face is compared to my nec
  10. Hey, good luck! I'm also on Absorica! I completely can relate to hibernating in the dark so people can't see my skin. It sucks and is depressing at times. I think dosage is completely up to your doctor. I've read a lot of people on low dose, high dose, etc. Most people start at a low dosage to begin so you could also bump it up later if need be.
  11. DAY 8-10 Activity: I had 2 new pustules show up on each side of my neck/ jaw. However, the breakouts I am having don't feel like breakouts. They don't hurt, and they go away SUPER fast. After 2 days, I woke up with a scab on those two areas. No new activity besides these two. Side effects: Lips are getting more dry but nothing major at all. I apply Carmex in the morning and don't need to apply it again until before bed. Skin is not dry. I'm still surprised that my skin is slightly oily even thou
  12. Thanks! And yesss. Also... applying more on problem areas only to notice more irritation the next morning (in my case).
  13. DAY 6-7 Activity: Things are looking better. About 4 pustules on each side disappeared overnight and scabbed. The remaining pustules are not too noticeable (not extremely red, inflamed, and angry). I have 2 cysts on my neck that popped out of nowhere and I'm assuming this is the beginning of an initial breakout. Skin is a lot less red overall- I am happy so far! Side effects: Skin is looking and feeling more dry-ish but still not "normal". Lips are feeling slightly dry but is completely managea
  14. DAY 4-5 Activity: I currently have around 8~10 pustules/ smallish nodules on each side of my face. This isn't a bad thing though! I can definitely see that the pimples are coming to a head much more quickly. I feel that my skin is really pushing things out. Side effects: I have some slight joint discomfort but it's really not bad at all. Lips are starting to get dry, but I have not been putting on anything on my lips as of yet. Misc: I noticed that my skin is not oily anymore. It definitely isn'
  15. I figured I'd start updating as posts. DAY 3 Activity: This morning, I saw that about 5 active cysts came to a head. Throughout the day, I could feel and see them slowly coming out to a full head. When I showered this evening (gently), 2 of the heads came off and I am left with 2 craters. Side effects: No side effects as far as I can tell. I did feel more tired throughout the day but it's probably just that it's the end of the week. I noticed that my skin is a lot less oily. Still not dry, but