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    Cheap. Very effective antibiotic. Also great for a strong heart. Very strong smell and flavor. I love garlic. I use this instead of antibiotics, as I do not believe in them. I started using garlic back in 2007 when I got an ear infection. I decided to take garlic and see how it would help. Did wonders. Since taking it, I've never been sick or had another infection. I would like to point out that garlic is not soley responsible for this, so don't think it's a miracle cure. For acne, take 1-2 clov
  1. Wow hostile. Just because laser works for you doesn't mean it's the best remedy for everyone. And all these home remedies are not stupid. Many cultures have been using a lot of home remedies for centuries and it worked well for them. You know, well before lasers were created. I find that lemon juice, vitamin e oil, and some good exfolation works well for me. My acne marks have been fading quite well. A lot of home remedies work well for people, so don't insult anything.
  2. Don't give up on your dreams because you feel like you don't have the look of health. I think it would be great for you to be a nutritionist. I'm going to school for psychology and I have phobias and OCD. I also agree with people who say that your acne should be gone by the time you become one. And people who are going to come in to talk about dietary changes to help with acne would most likely feel more comfortable talking to someone who had gone through the same thing.
  3. I just bought Clean and Clear advantage mark treatment at the Target here. It only cost me about $6. It's the same thing as the Neutrogena blemish and post acne marks gel, just cheaper basically. I decided to give this a try since I've had great success with the Neutrogena version, and I can see that it's already working with my red marks. I think this gel coupled with the lemon juice and exfoliation I use for my marks have really helped. I also use St. Ives apricot scrub to exfoliate about 2-3
  4. Yeah I saw your post awhile ago. Your post was the whole reason why I started using potatoes on my face for the red marks.
  5. Well we all come here for the same thing basically. To get advice on treating our breakouts, redmarks, etc... and to give good advice to those who need the help with their problems. Ah and ladies, don't date pro athletes, they are so bad. Especially baseball players.
  6. Wow angry and immature much. It's a very unhealthy attitude to have. Just because they have clear and healthy skin does not mean they are not facing something ten times harder than an acne sufferer. That person with clear and healthy skin may be a victium of things I don't even want to think of. When I watch the news, I see all these women with such beautiful skin, but these are the women who are suffering from the worse tradegy of all, the loss of their child. So because they have clear skin th
  7. I don't agree with that one bit. To us their skin may have one or two pimples on it and look great, however we have no idea what they see when they look into the mirror. My mom tells me all the time that my face is not so bad and that it is getting better every day, when I look in the mirror I see a face full of acne. Our minds are a very powerful thing and mix that with low self esteem people have with pimples, it can distort what we see.
  8. My advice would be to seek attention from a psychologist. It sounds to me that you are suffering from clinical depression and you do have suicidal thoughts. Your best bet would be to see a psychologist first before seeing a dermatologist. Because, a psychologst/psychatrist would advise against someone with these thoughts and feelings from using accutane. That's something you would have to tell your dermatologist so that they can give you something else.
  9. Do not tan. It only makes it worse, especially if your skin is a fair tone. It will either make them very read, or just cover them. It does not fade them. Plus, tanning is not good for the skin anyways. Vitamin E works great. I apply the gel to my face, but people have success with taking the capsule internally. But only take 1 400 IU of Vitamin E daily. Do not take more than that. Also, you can try apple cider vinegar and lemon juice if you are willing to try that.
  10. I wouldn't apply all that at once since it can dry your skin out and cause irritation, thus causes more breakouts and then maybe more redmarks. Everyones skin reacts differently to a treatment. I find that using lemon juice as a toner and vitamin e has helped fade my redmarks quite a lot, but that doesn't mean it'll work for you. I would say try somethng for a few weeks and see if that helps (remember, they take awhile to fade, you won't see immediate results). If you notice no difference what s
  11. I heard it was really good for your red marks because of what the juices contain. I've tried it before and it helped fade some of my red marks. It also helps with blemishes because potatoes contain sulfur, which is good for drying up marks.
  12. Just be careful using lip balm folks. It takes away your lips ability to moisturize itself. That's why lips always feel dry and chapped. Of course if you are on accutane, you're going to need it. But once your skin starts becoming more normal and less dry, stop using it often. I can't go without lip balm now since I've been so dependent on it.
  13. I used this product and I really didn't see any difference. I liked the cleanser because it didn't dry my skin out, but I found that step two is really sticky and I did not like it at all.
  14. Lemon juice has worked wonders for my post acne marks. I had completely faded some of mine. My darker ones are taking awhile to fade, but with vitamin 3 gel it's been helping. You should put the BP on after the lemon juice. If you put it on after you put on BP, you're just going to dissolve the BP and render it useless.