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  1. DAY: ? DANG IT!!!!!!! I WAS GOING TO BE GOOD AT THIS!!! I fail. I never could keep a journal. BASICALLY. I will tell you EVERYTHING, and how HORRIBLE but AMAZING this experience was for me. SO guilty that I didn't document it along the way. FAIL. FAIL. FAIL!!! sorry guys. (not that anyone was following my process or anything... haha) more later... just wanted to put it out there, that BOY do i have some beef with that 'tane'!!!!!!!!!
  2. WHERE do I even BEGIN?! Taking Accutane while in college was probably the most frustrating and annoying things to do...EVER! I began Accutane a few weeks before I entered as a freshmen at a college in Southern California. Being from Northern California, I ran into issues revolving around policies with Accutane. My dr. at home didn't require blood work each session, the labs were easier etc. etc. When I got here I had to search for a doctor (which would have cost an arm and legs and other body
  3. Thanks keepsgettingbetter! your name says it all, things just keep getting better. As frustrating as the side effects are, they will def. be worth it! Day 13 Last night i washed with head and shoulders, and that bad boy did wonders! My scalp is no longer flaking, and the refreshing 'flavor' of shampoo left my scalp cool and no longer itching. The corners of my mouth are cracking...which is SUPER irritating, but aquaphor and i have become best friends. Overall, my skin is looking good, i'
  4. Day 12 SO, for a while (aka a week) i thought that i would be one of those people with no side effects... WRONG! -SUPER sensitive to the sun.... let me tell you, my face looks like a tamatoe, and its not cute. =[ - I'm still getting new breakouts (in horrible places, like the fold in my chin, corner on my lip, my eyebrows etc etc. -DANGGGGGGGGGGGG, my scalp is like death valley!!!!! I'm really bad at picking and scratching...so yeah, my scalp continues to welter in the death valley heat. -my
  5. DAY 8, So a few days ago I woke up with the worst headache of my life, and i couldnt move because my back was locked. SO, i stayed in bed all day and decided i wasnt drinking enough water. Lesson learned...drink water! I now drink enough where i get to pee every 10 minutes, and it's reallly cute. At this point, I cant tell if my initial break out is complete (probably not), but nothing new has occurred, and my face has cleared up.... It feels really good when people notice a difference. The o
  6. king, let me know if anything happens.... I know that when I take anything.... I am REALLY bad at connecting dots and side effects. but hey, more power to you if your not getting side effects, however maybe the dosage isnt right? Good luck, keep me updated!
  7. So I’m a little late on the whole ‘bloggin n loggin the tane’ BUT don’t hate on me, I only found the boards the same day I started taking accutain. I guess I should start with a background. I use to get complements all the time about my skin, and would get only the occasional breakout. HOWEVER, after a bunch of terrible events etc etc, high school ended up being VERY stressful for me. Stress=breakouts. I’m sure there are technical names for where I would break out, but all on my chin,