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  1. I had this happen to me as well. The cause was the benzoyl peroxide it does darken your face from the rest of your body. Chemical Peels WILL reverse the damage by peeling off the discolored skin. Makeupartischoice.com and Platinumskincare.com sell chemical peels that will correct the damage. Good Luck.
  2. Rose Hip Seed Oil, jojoba oil and lite chemial peel with fruit acid like lactic acid.
  3. Low percentage. Never go above 17%. Anything higher your playing with fire. Skin tone color does not matter.
  4. Dont blame your doctor. You sound mentally unstable. Skimming your post was painful.
  5. Am I wasting my money getting facials? Yes.
  6. get rid of castor and olive oil. jojoba and rose hip seed oil is all your face needs after peel. for mega results and natural healthy glow. your doing good job tho. keep doing multiple weak 15% peels no more then 3 a month. while putting on those oils at night. your skin will change Dramatically. belive me going to high with % is not worth risk.
  7. Pelling happens in 3 to 4 days. There is no "healing process" unless your skin peels pink. Then expect months for pigment to return. But that usually dosent happen on low %. But I would add rose hip seed oil for long term sustained results regardless of how your skin peels.
  8. the best natural products are rose hip seed oil = natural source retin a/vitamin c tea seed oil/camellia oil = rich in vitamin A, B and E, natural sunscreen tea tree oil = natural alcohol based good spot treatment jojoba oil = good moisturizer
  9. the best thing about acne like ANY insecurity is if you keep at it and dont give up when goal is finally achieved you can give yourself a nice pat on the back and say you know what. i did it. im not a quitter. a quitter never wins and a winner never quits.
  10. Encouraged Humiliation....there about 10 diffrent ways I could go with this but i wont....too easy....not gonna touch it......
  11. Yes this does work very well. This is THE best item you can purchase over the counter for redness/hyper-pigmentation. Only thing stronger than this is chemical peel or laser. If your smart you will avoid the one which contains Hydroquinone.
  12. Its really quite simple your a virgin. Any guy whose been with a few ladies would pay good money to nail a young, innocent, inexperienced, virgin girl. I know I would.
  13. You are very bold. Playing with lasers is playing with fire. The horror stories from lasers IPL, Fraxel, are enough to keep me away for life no matter how bad my skin becomes.
  14. TCA peels will give you perfect skin.