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  1. Does anyone recommend products that they use in the regimen besides the acne.org ones?
  2. Hello, I tried the Proactiv Solution kit and have had no luck. I recently came across this site and saw the "Regimen" that Dan was promoting. I really need to save my skin after proactiv, so if anyone has had either good or bad luck with the regimen let me know please, -A
  3. hey guys? does anyone here know if pro-activ really works or not? In the ads it makes it look like it could cure cancer! They talk about all the good stuff it does, but do any of you have bad experiences with it? let me know before i go out and buy it k? -A
  4. Hi Ya'll, I would just like to say that I was reading a tip on another website a few days ago, that recommended using tea tree oil on pimples to help them heel. We had some around the house luckily and I tried some. I was amazed that within a half hour or so the swelling decreased by like 50%! It doesn't sting at all and i personally like the smell of it. Also another thing that I have been trying for few days now, is holding an ice-cube on the pimple until it is numb, because this also brings d