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    clears up skin read down there! okay, so i have tried EVERYTHING out there, in fact, my search for a good treatment made me want to be a dermatologist so that no one has to go through this. anywaysss, i bought this BP and tried it for about a week, it completely dried out my face and i could barely move my mouth, so i quit using it. then i came back on the site and read more about it. i decided to buy the jojoba oil and give it another shot, the jojoba oil was awesome, however i still had major
  1. phunkymonkey


    this is me.
  2. omg i am getting flakes really bad on my chin and upper lip. and now its working its way up my cheeks. i tried peeling it off with tweezers, scrubbing it with abrasive stuff (yes i know this is bad but im desperate), and rubbing it off with my fingers. it isnt helping! can you pleeeease help me to get rid of the flakes within two weeks?? school is about to start.
  3. i'm having the same problem. i have really bad flakes around my mouth, like on my chin and upper lip. and now its working its way up to my cheeks. ughh.
  4. I was just wondering what everyone uses in their regimen. products and steps list, please and thank you.