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  1. Holy crap, thank you. :) I can be longwinded with posts sometimes, glad it wasn't boring. And it's funny you should mention nutrition!! Last summer, I was on a mostly raw diet as a bit of an experiment (and I didn't have a stove in the room I was staying in haha) and I marveled at how much energy I had. Recently, I was lamenting my complete lack of energy and motivation along with my worsening skin. WELL! I started up eating mostly fruits and veggies again, trying new raw recipes, and lo
  2. Oh fuck me. I'm coming up on a year since I finished Accutane and I'm starting to freak out. This week, I've started getting blemishes. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I'm hoping..... PRAYING.... that I can keep this shit under control with BP and BHA. Please don't get any worse. I have a new boyfriend. My career is going places. I feel fucking pretty. This last year with clear skin has been wonderful. Please don't take it awaaaayyyyyy. I can drink ACV again. That helped for a while
  3. 'bout five months since my last dose Sup, Taners? Just an update for anyone wondering what post-tane is like for this particular individual. So far, it's still awesome. My skin is still really clear. I do get occasional min-zits. Just pitiful little things, they're so odd. Nothing like what I used to get, so I barely notice them. I do wonder if they're a sign of worse things to come, but I really hope not (and if I worry about it, I'll probably just breakout anyway, so fuck it, amirite?). My
  4. Haha I just imagined you blacking out and messing with spots, with no recollection of it the next day. Like nevermind all the usual blackout activities, you just went to the bathroom mirror. Vomiting?! Yeah, eff that. Are you getting some form of probiotics? I don't know if effed up gut flora would cause vomiting, but antibiotics definitely causes effed up gut flora. eff eff eff eff Lifeway Kefir has a pumpkin spice kefir that tastes like eggnog. Very tasty way to get good active cultures. I
  5. mallory! I was actually thinking of updating soon, too. I am still pretty clear, but every so often, I notice a tiny mini-pimple somewhere on my face. It freaks me the hell out. Which reminds me, I should wash my pillow case..... I'm also wary of the pores on my nose.... they look like they're up to something. Sucks about your spots. I hope they clear up quickly and your derm can put your mind at ease.
  6. Heeeeyy! Hahaha. Thanks, guys! Nearly 3 months since I finished my course Kay, so, I was feeling like I wanted to post here again. Just to update. Even though my Accubuddies who did their course while I did have finished and won't be around as much, I still have a lot of love for this forum. It gave me an outlet for my frustration and encouraged me to treat it with humor. That's pretty great, so I try not to wander too far. I swear, Accutane has changed my life. My confidence has shot through
  7. AHhhhh! Your skin looks so healthy! I'm so happy for you. And for me. And for everyone. I know what you mean. It's a little cornball to say "Accutane changed my life" but it HAS. I'm so much more confident, my sense of humor has exploded all over the place, and acting classes are wonderful now. I can look other people in the eye for exercises and not freak out about acne. I can do vocal warmups that involve touching my face without wincing in pain. I love taking pictures and actually BEING IN T
  8. Do you also have super powers? Your skin looks AWESOME. So does your cake.
  9. And congrats to you for starting! It seems like the 5/6 months will pass slowly, but it seriously flies by. I mean, compared to the 9 years I'd had acne, this shit was nothing. And I just read the first few sentences of your log - 20 years for you! You'll be done in no time. I hope you have an easy course! Or, at the very least, a successful one.
  10. You! I've been wondering about you. Glad to get an update and I'm glad things are so far so good with your face. I too will miss washing my hair once a week-ish. That was so convenient. And I hope you go camping soon. I've been going to the gym without foundation, so.... It's time to break out the tent and smores.
  11. Oh shit, meant to post pictures. So. Here we are before Accutane (acne didn't cause my messy hair, but I'm sure it didn't help): http://i622.photobucket.com/albums/tt308/A...ing/Oct26-1.jpg http://i622.photobucket.com/albums/tt308/A...ng/IMG_0206.jpg Here we are on Day 2 (I'm hilarious): http://i622.photobucket.com/albums/tt308/A...ng/DSCF4482.jpg http://i622.photobucket.com/albums/tt308/A...ng/DSCF4483.jpg Day 48: http://i622.photobucket.com/albums/tt308/A.../Day48-03-1.jpg http://i622.photo
  12. Oh my god.... I just got an email letting me know of a response to this very thread. Jezika! I'd love to ask the same of you. How are things? A lot has changed. Well, enough has changed. I'll start with my skin (the original purpose of this blog, after all). I finished 6 months of Accutane, the 6th month had me on 60mgs a day. There are issues I'm trying to figure out/avoiding. I'll get to those. During the last month, I forgot an evening dose of 30mgs, and ended up only taking 30mgs that
  13. Day 130 (I think) Oh... my. Over forty days? That's awful. Pitiful, really. I was busy for a lot of it, but the last couple weeks, I have no excuse. A lot has happened. Acne happenings: I am pretty clear. Had two new blemishes near the end of my fourth month, but so far no new ones during my fifth. I still have plenty of red/pink marks that will just have to fade with time. With makeup, it's all good. My pores are weird. When I put foundation on, it takes a lot of blending for it to not look r
  14. Day 87 (Wednesday/yesterday) Siiiiiiiigh. SIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH. I'm at rehearsal as I write this (I will be posting it the following morning). I'm sitting around. My fight has been cut, yet again, and it is absolutely pitiful. I'm putting a lot of time into something that is very very pitiful. And, what's worse, I have to put my senior show together in two weeks, and they are giving me NO TIME to do it. I told them I would need the time. But noooooo. I'm trying to make the best of it. I'm gonna have
  15. Day 84 Had my appointment. I was embarrassed (again) by my very yellow morning pee (tmi?), but how hydrated could I possibly be for a morning appointment? Please. She's keeping me on 40mg. I had somewhere to be right after, so I had makeup on. Not sure if that made a difference to her. She did say that if I don't get any new breakouts this month, it might be my last. Uh? Only four? No no no no, lady, let's do this for real. Game time. Destroy the acne. It was hard enough to be in one place long