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  1. I think you take marketing claims for soaps and shampoos a little too seriously! I strongly doubt that there's really any special significance to the "formulation" of a shampoo which zeroes-in on the scalp specifically. I personally have been washing my face for YEARS and YEARS with shampoo, every time I shower, with no ill effects whatsoever. The only real concern I have about the use of Nizoral shampoo on the face, though, is that I have indeed heard reports from some users that the stuff
  2. after applying this stuff several times (every other day) to my upper body - where I test stuff out before using on the face, I've noticed that it is definitely comedogenic in some way or another because I started to break out a good bit. going to discontinue use. oh...also used it as a shampoo for the scalp and while it certainly reduced dandruff it also seemed to cause me to get a few pimples on my scalp as well...
  3. I'm in a similar situation. I've always had acne. Never took accutane but have taken pretty much everything else. Within the past year have developed extremely oily skin leading to major comedonal acne. had doctors do a blood test and everything was "fine" according to them. I know something is wrong with my body, but I just don't know what. I'm always going back and forth between diahrea or constipation. I eat a lot, but can't gain any weight. Much of it is anxiety, but I take a good deal of
  4. I'm curious - what is your method? - do you mix it with water? leave it on? wash it off after a certain amount of time?
  5. oils (topical) are not necessarily comedogenic (you can find long exhaustive often argued-over lists on what is good and bad in various topics on the message boards) the purpose of tea tree oil is to kill bacteria similar to BP - have you had a bad experience with tea tree oil cleansers or are you just assuming? I've tried one, forgot the name, and had no bad effects - but no real good effects from it either - although it was definitely easier on the face than BP cleansers research the board
  6. Went to a derm today. pretty much unhelpful. one interesting and unexpected thing came up. Told me that dandruff isn't just a condition of the scalp and perhaps my skin - my face and upper body suffered from dandruff - combined with oily skin. prescribed me Selenium 2.5% lotion / shampoo directions are to use 2-3 times a week, leave on face for 5 min and rinse off. curious on other people's experiences with the product or thoughts about it. I'll post again after having used it a few times. (
  7. I tried drinking peppermint tea for a couple weeks and had no observable results. perhaps I'll try capsules - never seen capsules - but never looked either..... anyone else have anything to say regarding using it topically. something conclusive or valid preferably...
  8. These were the last two lines of my original post: I'd like to ask people to only post real scientific theories/tests, or if is their own theory that they at least tested it using scientific method to some degree. My hope is to collect all the important info, filter out the junk, and then assemble it into something that is helpful to people. Unfortunately, all that has come of this topic has been a few nice, but unhelpful comments, one completely ridiculous comment that I can only assume was
  9. It seems the original poster made a pretty outstanding claim. I'm not here to challenge it. has anyone seen any more research regarding peppermint oil, the particular method discussed by the original poster. Anyone still swear by this after months of doing it? Or just a fad? please offer well-reasoned results or ideas with some element of research (i.e. you did a test of some sort) writing "this shit works great" or "this shit sucks" helps no one.
  10. I lack the expertise to understand these studies fully. I suffer from major anxiety and depression. my parents tell me that that is the cause of my acne and excess sebum production. over the years, it seems to make sense..in the past 3 years I've steadily increased my levels of anxiety - i've had more and more fits and panic attacks and now my skin is more oily than a teenage boy. the problem of course being that now one of my niggest stressors is my skin. I wonder if there are any studies (
  11. what if your blood sugar is fine, and while you don't eat perfectly, you eat far better than most? I've gotten rid of dairy, got rid of alcohol, coffee, excess sugars (hard to do as they're in almost everything) got rid of hydrogenated oils, got rid of excess fats, etc... done my best to increase veggies, fruits, drink tons of water..... ...and I've noticed absolutely no difference whatsoever
  12. I'm really just pulling at straws - desperately trying to figure out why my sebum has increased - fairly dramatically - at age 30 - I suffer from pretty major anxiety and depression, but I never really thought that that could make that much of a difference. I've tried numerous dietary changes and not noticed much of anything. i guess with the med angle i was thinking that some of these drugs effect norepinephrine which might affect hormone levels...I really have no idea. thanks though
  13. I'd type in scientific studies and then whatever your looking for... Scientific studies acne. I've worked for the government before and for the most part the info you want is on government websites which you can't access. They keep their studies there so that the scientists can easy access it sorry babe.

  14. hello. Are there any sites or ways of searching for real scientific studies on the internet? Whenever I try to search via yahoo/google I get so much BS from cosmetics websites, insta-cures, advertisements, all sorts of un-proven moronic information - where do you guys find actual published studies??? thank you