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  1. Hi I have very very bad red marks from Tane and they are completely covered with Estee Lauder Maximum Camouflage Cover..it's lightweight, non acnegenic etc just like double wear I actually can just wear it alone without foundation as its so good! And I havent gone without foundation since I was 14! I wish I'd found this 10yrs ago!
  2. It depends...if you're female and not on the birth control pill you will have to be on the pill a month before you start tane. We don't have ipledge here but we still have to sign to say we agree to all the stuff about knowing it causes birth defects and that we will use contraception.
  3. Thanks guys, Ive decided to try a tiny bit on an old red mark I have on my chin. I figured that was the best place with it being an old mark and not sensitive. I will see how that goes on that little area over the next few days and report back for others interested
  4. I actually can't really see any active acne there, just red marks? And that is your bad side? Could just be the photo but I think if your derms are very strict they might be reluctant to put you on Tane if other things are working. A lot of people's skin doesn't look as good as yours when they come OFF tane
  5. I was wondering if anyone is using AHA's or hydroquinone while on Accutane? I only have one of two actives now, but lots of red marks. I have just bought the DDF Fade 4 gel, which has 2% hydroquinone, glycolic acid, kojic acid, salicylic acid, lemon and lime oils, azelaic acid. The gel has good reviews for reducing hyperpigmentation and helping treating existing spots. However I was wondering if it is ok to use products like these while still using tane, or if anyone else does? My skin isn't
  6. Hi, fellow Uk member here I'm 26 and was put on Accutane in July...I've suffered with acne for 14yrs, varying from mild/mod as a teenager, to severe cystic after 20. I had tried all the different anti b's, birth control, topicals, retinoids. None worked, derms in the uk won't prescribe Tane til youv'e tried everything else, UNLESS your acne is severe, which yours isnt. So I can understand your derms reluctance. Accutane is definitely a last resort drug, it's really not an easy ride. Personall
  7. That's wonderful! Well done for being brave and takng that leap. And congrats for obviously having excellent taste, what a wonderful girl!
  8. Yeah I have the DDF SPF lotion from the same lady and asked on the off chance about the Fade 4 gel, was amazed when she said £15. Will see how I get on with it and report back, starting using it tomorrow on the red marks that have been here for a few months
  9. Yeah I got it for £15 from eBay though Wouldnt pay $60! Also I'm on Tane so can't have such a strong AHA right now, and the other acids in the fade 4 are said to help with existing spots too. When I've been off tane a few months I will use a 10% AHA.
  10. I know! I thought I was over it and then bam! BUT it is much much less severe than the IB! The Ib...thank god I work from home because I didn't leave the house for nearly a month! It was beyond coverable! The ew breakouts, apart from the one large cyst, are all smaller spots that come to a head within a day or two but take forever to go away....thanks Tane!! Yep my Ib calmed down at that time, and no new actives for for just over a week. What is happening now is nothing compared to the Ib, i
  11. Hi this just sounds like hyperpigmentation not scarring and will fade in time Lots of people try various things to speed things up, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, there are so many things, natural and over the counter. If you search on here you will find sooo many options to help
  12. Hi Sweet Awesome that you have no new actives!!! And more energy, cool!! Hmm yeah totally know what you mean about lips super dry one day and then not bad the next. With me it's my skin too. It was getting oily agan the last few days, and doesn't really get dry at all. Just a bit tight if I don't moisturise. Sorry to hear you're still breakng out no your back, but as you say it's nothing to worry about, was doing the same on my back and chest despite having nothing there for about 10yrs
  13. Hi, I'm not going to criticise you for using tanning beds as I usually use them too. :) however, I would wait at least 6 months before using them. Yes there is more chance of you burning but more than that....tanning really really isn't good for red marks if you ha e them, it can make them worse, and make them take forever go go away. When you come off tane that is when your skin starts repairing damage done on the tane, you should give it some time to do this before giving it another challenge