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  1. I was told not to take fish oil while on accutane by my derm. She didn't explain why.
  2. I think if you have been on Accutane that long and still not seeing results you should try to find somethign else. I took it for 5 months and did nothing and clear.
  3. Knowing that Accutane has side effects goes unsaid, BUT you are bassicly forced to know them. So anyone that has gotten Accutane is aware of them. I started at the list of side affects and said to myself " I would rather have half of theese and not have acne.." that being said the maybe 2% of people that would get the more severe side affects I guess this dosent apply to.
  4. I wouldent want anyone thinking that im ignorant in that acutane isent a 100% cure all, but this was really ment to just entice someone I suppose.
  5. Lets be blunt.. You... and Your mind are making your life worse. I'm half your age, I feel like because of acne It has made my adolecent years not what they could have been, I look back knowing that im not going to have any fond memories, BUT you control your happiness. Move forward. Make progress.
  6. I recently finished my Accutane course of 5 months 40Mg a day. 17 years old and 170 pounds, had acne since I was 13ish progressivly got worse. Look and see just how bad my acne was in my gallery. I can now say I have no acne what so ever ( I plan on getting images up soon ) I lurk on these boards alot and see alot of anti-tane people and I would have to say my expierence was without a doubt one of the best choices I have made. I had the minor side effects Chaped lips and some minor back pai
  7. Press going to the derm as much as you can. The regimine wont work fast enough anyways, I'm assuming school for you starts within 2 months or so and if that is so then you will probly just be worse off on the regimine. Force your mom to take you to the derm get Acutane finish it.
  8. After 5 months I have had no new acne. I had dry lips. That is all. This drug was perfect for me.
  9. Usedslugs

    Pre accutane

    Some pictures of my log Of pre, current and post accutane
  10. Good luck! I wouldnt worry to much, I am month 4th and I would say 90% clear, the side effects have been easly tolerable. Just mosturize When needed and use alot of chap stick and you will be good to go. As for the IB, I can only talk out of expierence and when I started I didin't really think the IB was that common place and wouldent happen to me, other than what I was used to which was a new pimple every few days I got two MASSIVE cystic things on my forhead that I made tremendously worse b
  11. I'm 17 and play in 3 hockey different hockey leagues around the year, and I can say accutane HAS in fact lowered my game. Not so much during the actual game but the next day or so my body is in more pain, and I definitely notice back pain witch sucks really bad considering my young age. regardless I'm considering this my intensive training and hopefully when I get off the pill I will return to normal. To make it short I have noticed a deterioration in my athletics, then again everyones differe
  12. I haven tried any home remidies sense I started, and I know it wasent a sunburn but Im definitly gonna stop the bp for a while
  13. I'm having the same thing, kinda stinks
  14. Ok Ive been on the Regimine for almost 2 months now, and all of the sudden in a specific area of my face (the corners of my mouth to the end of my chin on both sides) are extreamly red and flakey and my brother even said they looked swollen The thing is I havent changed anything in the reg at all, if anything I was using less BP the only thing I can think of is that I stopped taking fish oil for about 4 days but I doubt thats has to do with it It's so bad im staying home from school today
  15. Ok, hockey for me is just starting ( 3 leagues ) and I have some question regarding the Regimine and what not Bassicly, after a game or practice im extreamly sweaty, (MEGA HYPER SWEATY ) and as soon as I get home I take a shower, can anyone recomend what I should do, if theres anything more I can such as a product or a process I can do to help? Thanks
  16. Hey quick question here, after doing the regimine I only get flakes on the corners of my mouth, I use dans mosturizer and Joaba oil, my real question is should I be applying a little more mosturizer to the problem area or something else? Thanks