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  1. what kind of antibiotics did your derm put you on perthpurl?
  2. did any of you with milder acne and who didnt experience a bad ib experience dramatic clearing within the first month?
  3. sure why not, apple cider does more than benefit just your skin, so even if its only the regimen clearing you up, it wouldnt hurt to continue using acv.
  4. so you get a prescription and have it sent to a canadian pharmacy, and its cheaper? ill have to look into that. thanks
  5. I have acne thats more on the mild side. I think im going to try a low dose course, Im a little afraid of the initial breakout, but like you im just tried of taking antibiotics everyday (which dont work all that well, only seem to make it "bearable") and spreading topicals morning/night. So yeah, I know how you feel, acne sucks. As far as the oily skin making you age slower, ive heard that before too....but im pretty sure i heard the amount of oil you produce does not correlate between how fast
  6. oh!, one final question. Once again my derm will tell me what to do ultimately, but im currently on doxycycline (been on it for about 3 months) do they sometimes keep you on antibiotics to combat the Ib...I was trying to do some research on Antibiotics while on Accutane but couldnt find much. I guess theres a slight chance of brain swelling : / but i see some derms doing it.. I defineitly dont want brain swelling.
  7. im hoping i dont get a horrible IB, ah that would suck. So for mildish acne, is 20 mg a good dose? should i go lower or higher? i weigh 125 lbs
  8. Ah : ) im very pleased to see some response. Honestly, im sick of my skin, i had a good..about 5 months of clear skin thanks to minocycline...and life was really so good, everything was so much simpler and brighter haha, i never dreaded going out. So ya i think im ready to take the big step towards accutane. Ill probably go on a low dose treatment. Im about 5'10-11 and weigh around 120-125 lbs, what do you thik i would go on? 10, 20..etc. Also how long would i stay on the drug? Thanks again, yo
  9. *moderator edit* Im gonna go to my derm soon, she mentioned accutane because oral atibiotics and topicas had failed, so im thinking shell prescribe it. My acne is mildly moderate, but its so persistant even though sometimes it looks "okay" most of the time it looks pretty bad. Im just tired of wasting my time on antibiotics and topicals spending all that time in the bathroom for nothing. My skin is my biggest worry, its on my mind all the time. My question to you all is, should i go on accutane
  10. thats really interesting bryan. Do you think you could find that study for me? : )
  11. just not a fruit i want in my smoothie, haha
  12. haha thanks, yeah ive been trying it. I Like the way dans salicylic acid feels, i kinda wish he wasnt discontinuing it.
  13. Like the topic says Ziana is still not really working after 2 1/2 months, should i go ahead and give the regimen a try. My acne is like on the milder side of moderate.
  14. Im surprised no one else has said Dans Cleanser...His is by far my favorite. Purpose foaming cleanser is my second choice. I hate cetaphil, i used it for a while i have no clue why.
  15. Yeah the only reason i like NOTS is how it makes your face appear more clear....but i think dans is the way to go, it goes on easier, leaves no residue, and is a bit less drying and irritating. : )
  16. I made some gluten free cookies and some gluten free pasta today : ) they were both pretty good, i was a bit suprised.
  17. Yeah, I love making fruit smoothies, but i want to keep the sugar content low.
  18. This gluten free thing is going to be a bit harder than i initially thought...All this food that i cant eat haha.
  19. its not that some do. some other topicals such as benzaclin contain clindamycin and bp. Clindamycin can not contain bp, or else it would no longer be clindamycin. Sure consulting your derm is probably the "safest" thing, but to be honest I think its perfectly fine to add bp ontop of an antibiotic as long as you can tolerate it. Go ahead and contact your derm if you have some concerns and questions about it.
  20. im pretty sure clindamycin is just an antibiotic. they do have some topicals with clindamycin and bp...but clindamycin is just an antibiotic so i think you could put some bp ontop of it as long as you dont experience too much irritation.
  21. Morning dans cleanser/ dans 2.5% bp / dans moisturizer Night dans cleanser/ Ziana/ switch between dans aha and sal acid every other day Is the switching between aha and sal acid too much, or should i be able to handle it? Ive been on Ziana for a while now so my skins used to it.
  22. What are some fruits that are low in sugar. Raspberries...Blueberries..what are some others?
  23. What do you consider long periods of time? Also, whats the deal with b2, does it help absorbtion or protect you or what?
  24. I am taking beta carotene, and i went and picked up some b2...i was up all lsat night though, probably thanks to all the b2 haha