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  1. Thanks for letting me know! Hopefully in 2 weeks they'll be gone I guess most people see their skin worse then it actually is. I always thought I had moderate acne but everyone tells me I've got mild...hmm...I'm just glad I won't have to deal with any acne pretty soon!
  2. Hey! I also can't stop picking! It's sooo bad! You really haven't seen any good changes yet? I'm hoping they'll come soon for you... Btw, you should go to EDC in June (if you've got the money), even if you can't drink it'll change your life...
  3. Thanks Timetraveler! It's really exciting Day 14 I am just adding pictures to this post and mentioning some other things going on. So, I am just noticing the crazy amount of blackheads on my nose, parts of the cheeks beside my nose, forehead, and chin. I've always had some blackheads on my nose but nothing I ever cared too much about, but wow these are extremely noticeable! Does anyone know if they go away soon or is it not part of the accutane process? Another thing, I got two more pimp
  4. Day 13 Sooo, the dry lips have finally come! A couple days ago I started to feel like I needed chapstick and now my lips are super chapped. Not cracking (like most people) but just really chapped. Kind of looks like I’m wearing red lipstick which is kind of pretty actually . My skin has been amazing (not to jinx it ). I have not had a single noticeable breakout since the last two pimples by day 7 (which amazingly cleared up in a day or 2). I could not be happier with the results so far.
  5. Hi! Well, now that I have started "Accutane", its been a pretty great regimen Although, I've stopped using the Clearasil cream, so my skin won't dry out. I swear by Cetaphil though, love love love it!
  6. Ok, what are the chances that we both live in Southern CA and both love trance music?! I love finding other trance music lovers, because there are so few that I know.. Amazing! Ok, so I went to this little thing called 'Trance Energy' in the Netherlands at the beginning of April. It was amazing! And I am (most probably) going to Ibiza and seeing Ferry Corsten (love him, too) there in the summertime. Very exciting stuff What events have you been to out here? I've been to all the usual ones li
  7. Hey! Thanks so much for the luck! I see you've finished your course and your skin is looking amazing! I'll have to go through your log one of these days to see the progress you made and to see what I'm in for
  8. Thank you faithinhim, Timetraveler, and HereComesTheSun!! You guys just made my day
  9. Haha...I finally added two to the first post. I'll definitely take more pics this coming week to show the progress.
  10. Day 7 So, got the first week down ! Not to get my hopes up, but my face has begun to clear, especially the rude breakout on my forehead (that I got right before I started Claravis.) I have not had a single cyst show up since starting . However, in the past couple days, I had two pimples come out, one by my lip and the other near my chin. The one by my lip is extra painful, although it is not a cyst; maybe it is because of where it is? Anyway, the side effects are so super mild (I am assumin
  11. Wow, I am truly amazed at how beautiful your skin is. Hard to believe you once had bad skin.. Must feel amazing to not have to wake up scared that you have a breakout. Lucky!
  12. Yea, I've been a really bad girl through this thing so far. Mainly because I don't feel like I'm on it, since I haven't got any of the side effects yet (besides for the mildly chapped laps). I'm from Los Angeles, where are you from? I see 562 under your name, I'm going to take a wild guess and say you're from Long Beach, CA? Or 562 is your lucky number? hah I used to love astronomy when I was younger. I am still fascinated by the universe and all that is and could be out there. Thinking about
  13. Thanks for the advice! I was snacking quite a bit today and, luckily, no headaches ! Whiteheads are the worst ever! Especially because we aren't supposed to pick at our skin while on "accutane". I haven't been too good about that, though .
  14. Hi! I feel like I am super late replying since you started this is November, but I just started coming on here often to keep my own 'Clavaris log.' So, I am only now starting to interact with people on here Ok, firstly, your story sounds so much like mine. Had no acne in high school and then right after is when it decided to come along. I break out erratically, too. There are times when I am pretty much all clear and then all of a sudden I'll get a HUGE breakout. Sucks! Oh, and I was also wea
  15. Thanks! Good luck to you! I noticed you have a log, as well, so I will keep up with yours, too How many months do you have left?