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  1. crimson_tiara

    Azelaic acid - clear after 10+yrs of acne

    I'm sorry it didn't work as well for you jPablo! Hopefully you will find the right combination that gets you clear by working with you doctor. I don't know if you've investigated any internal causes but that helped me a lot as well. Also the video series of YouTube by Ben Fuchs called the "7 types of acne" might be helpful in pinpointing the cause and then possible solutions.
  2. crimson_tiara

    Azelaic acid - clear after 10+yrs of acne

    Hi jPablo, Thanks I honestly started seeing a change within the first week mainly in reducing overall redness. By the first month a lot of the congestion had noticeably cleared but it probably has taken three months to get the more stubborn spots to finally clear out. Did you notice any changes in your skin when you started?
  3. Hi everyone, I am a long time lurker and one time poster. I’ve so badly wanted to share my success story on here for years but things usually deteriorate right before I can. I feel like I have finally stumbled across the combination of things that are keeping me clear and I really hope it will help someone else. This is going to be big but I’ve broken it into chunks so you can jump to the info that interests you J Background: I started getting acne in seventh grade. My acn
  4. crimson_tiara

    Azelaic Acid success

    These are the weekly progress pictures of my skin since beginning Azelaic Acid.
  5. Thanks for writing this post SurferGirl. Some of the things you mentioned are so similar to me its scary. I also get really uncomfortable watching Proactiv commercials, especially if someone is in the room with me and I am always subconscious afraid that someone might come to the door for a surprise visit. One of mine is needing to know evening plans in the morning before I go out so I can put on my makeup in the morning and not have to try in the afternoon when the natural light and sun shows a