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  1. Indeed. Higher temperature for a shorter time. I think it destroys some of the flavor of milk. Low heat pasteurization like the kind that was done at home commonly on raw milk saves the flavor but isn't going to work for milk shipped long distances, like the industrial milk usually found in grocery stores. That's why you don't usually see it. If it's ultra pasteurized it will be labeled as such.
  2. So what exactly is the mechanism by which a modern diet would increase gluten sensitivity?
  3. what's the appeal of a large breakfast? last thing I want that early in the morning is a full meal.
  4. Drink wine over beer. Better tasting and probably better for you.
  5. So, if that's the case, then a lot of the stuff people preach the horrible deadliness of all over the place here is invalid. Corn? MONSANTO! Milk? WE WEREN'T MEANT TO DRINK IT! Bread? GLUTEN! Potatoes? HIGH GI So I guess that leaves starving to death for many acne.org users. Unless they plan to find coconut oil and supplements in the soup line.
  6. i agree with other people in this thread. There are times when you should take antibiotics - like to prevent a dangerous infection. I just ate a lot of yoghurt during and after my course to restore balance.
  7. Where are all the cavemen imitators arguing that cavemen didn't take showers and neither should we? This thread is not complete without them.
  8. Milk is delicious. This is my milk review.
  9. You know that eventually too many carrots turns your skin an orange tint. Something to keep in mind. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carotenosis it's harmless and goes away when you stop over eating carrots, but I wouldn't want my skin to turn orange anyway.
  10. No alcohol if you wanna get rid of your acne... the horror.
  11. I'm just going to drink this glass of milk next to me and monitor this thread.
  12. Yes, that makes so much sense. It was the dairy industry, with their time machines, that went back in time and got the Europeans convinced to drink milk, ferment milk into yoghurt and make cheese. Makes so much sense.
  13. you're eating nothing but chicken, salads, flax seeds, and eggs? Think long term. Can you really sustain a lifetime of this?