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  1. well I have used skin laboratory and perfect peel before and I first used a lower acid % and then moved up.... the higher % yielded better results for me. My only advice is to not overdo it by starting off high because most people who use higher % have used many peels before and their skin is used to it. I have over done a peel before and my skin was so bad after I could even put moisturizer on for a few days without it burning and my skin was so red and inflamed it was a little embarrassing.
  2. I know exactly how you feel, I have had bad acne since 15 and I am now 22. It has taken me awhile but between getting older and hormones balancing, birth control, and a skin routine that works for me I have finally overcome most of my skin problems and my red marks are almost gone!! Your skin looks very similar to how mine used to about 2 years ago. honestly getting rid of active acne is only half the battle, because you still have the red marks to deal with. I know its frustrating, but red
  3. you can introduce more bacteria that way if you are breaking the surface and you could break out more. also what type of skin do you have? If it is really oily maybe you should try a toner, if it is dry like mine maybe exfoliating isnt the way to improve your skin or acne. Exfoliating makes my skin after about a week look worse. good luck
  4. zinc did not do much for me, I used it for 3.5 months. I just kinda gave up, I may have not given it long enough though.
  5. I never took accutane, my brother did though. He used vit E immediately after he was done, it helped with redness, and it currently helps my redness that I always seem to have... I also use hydrating serum because my face is naturally dry from eczema, but as a caution always test it out on your face in a small place when you try anything after accutane. If you want any results with vit E you need to keep it in your regime for a long time because, it is a sloooow process. But in 6 months you w
  6. You need some calming things like aloe, tee tree oil, and/or vit E to help with red/inflammation. It is not going to heal your redmarks a whole lot but those things over a long time in your regimine will help. So keep that in mind. I have never used accutane, but my brother did and I know that his skin took a while to gain back natural moisture. I don't remember how long it was, mainly because I didn't want to embarass him by constantly asking how his skin was doing. But I think you should
  7. I have gotten most of my peels from amazon.com. They seem fairly priced, if that helps. Also peels can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight, making it easier to burn. And if you need to peel your skin, there is no need to damage your skin by exposing your face to sun with no protection. It can make scars last longer. Make sure you find a good non-comedogenic moisturizer for after, especially if this is your first time using a peel. good luck
  8. kmy130


    been on Ocella (the generic and much more affordable to Yaz if $$ is of concern to you) and its been great and my acne used to be HORRID, and now I only get the occasional tiny zit with my period which is much more managable than my previous face full of at least 10 HUGE nodules and gross looking skin. good luck
  9. a lot of effects seen with meds often do not show until 4-6 months of consistant use. sorry to hear about your difficulties, I am using Ocella (generic similar to Yaz) which I have been told can (not always) increase BP rather decrease. so if you have high BP this is not for you. Ocella has helped my acne clear and it has been going great now (after 5.5 months). In the end putting your health at risk is a bad idea so if you think this bc is harming your body I would def. drop it. But after
  10. Thanks everyone for the advice, I am currently using generic version of Yaz or Yasmin called Ocella, which is quite affordable. I didn't go to a dermatologist. My doctor thought it was right for me and said since I am in good health and have low blood pressure this is a good option. And since I am 22 and in a committed relationship bc was something I was already thinking about. I already figured I had mostly hormonal acne due to the majority of my acne appearing near my period. I had alread
  11. this is interesting and I am tempted because my skin seems better with really gentle cleansers that dont have many chemicals. My only problem is I cover my face up with makeup, because I get all these breakouts, and I have to wash the makeup off or it will definately cause it to be worse. I have worn makeup everyday for so many years to cover it all up.... maybe its part of the problem, its going to be so hard to try and give it up
  12. I have done a number of "tone correcting" lotions, serums, whatevers... and really they do not seem to help very much, the only thing that has made any noticable improvements to my red marks is a protein mask, and the results for that take at least a week or two before you really see changes. However this could be something actually new and improved so if it is not too expensive try it.
  13. those pictures make your skin look practically perfect..... so really hard to help you. Have you been to a doc or derm and asked about it? I have a skin disease that causes puffiness and some deep nodule acne.... and my doc gave me some med to help reduce inflammation. However you may just have a skin type that just reacts to humidity, sun, or gluten etc when did you notice this? what have you tried to reduce puffiness?
  14. hey whiskers !m 21 and have never been on BC and I believe my acne is hormonal. I break out a lot mostly right before my period starts. then I start getting my acne to go away and then my skin is clear (minus the red marks) for about 2 days and then my period is back and my skin breakouts badly. My acne is moderate, I have done a lot of home remedies, that have given me some decent results..... but my acne always flares with my period. I have altered my diet and tried my best to stick to it
  15. oh thanks, I looked around, I didnt realize that was for bc .... whiskers what have you tried? and do you think it helps clear your skin? I am really nervous about the pill I have read these forums and am worried. I have also heard about Ortho Tri-Cyclen helping acne? has anyne had success? I am between that and maybe trying Yaz, but I am worried...thanks for any advice