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  1. I'm doing good as well. That's awesome that things were going well for you! :)

    1. hey how are you doing?

      1. scared&lonely

        life is over because of acne scars!

        Yea lets face it we live in a world were looks matter[ you can say what you want but you know its true!] they either help you get ahead or hold you back its treads. It feels awful!
      2. scared&lonely

        MY ACNE LOG

        Nope i have never tried Accutane or Oxytetracycline. This is the first time i have gotten stuff from the dermatologist, i always just did over the counter stuff before. To see a dermatologist it takes forever were i am at [like if it is your 1st time with them, up to a 3month wait ] and i hated that so i just never really saw a dermatologist until now. I told my family doctor and he would give me creams and stuff but i would not put them on maybe just the first few day but i never really kept
      3. scared&lonely

        i want to try a chemical peel!

        i have the brown spots too! I want to get a chemical peel but my dermatologist said i had to get rid of all the acne and then do something about the brown spots beacuse then i would just get more brown spots.I think you should deff talk to a derma about these products, they can guide you to whats best for your skin post pics and let me know how it goes!
      4. scared&lonely

        life is over because of acne scars!

        OMG i avoid bad lighting as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought i was the only one that thought about this!!! But let me tell you i think the Wal-Mart around my house has some of the the worst lighting and i definitely avoid going there unless i have to!
      5. Thank you for the pic comment it means alot to me:0)

        1. Awh, thanks. :) I believe it's Mark Twain. I thought it fit everything and it was a good inspirational quote!

          1. I love what you have written under your name:0)

            1. thanks girl. I used to have acne all over my back, chest, face and ive had nasty bumps all over my arms too... i know its tough to live with, so dont. take accutane, i just started and i feel great about not having to worry about zits in a few months!

              1. your name is really cute Hippie Holly:0)