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  1. I had 3 rounds of fractora done in between my fraxel repairs (first one was in December 2012). I waited about 6 months after my first repair, did 3 rounds of fractora spaced 2 months apart, then had my second repair a couple months after my last fractora. I maybe saw about 20% improvement, or maybe less? It's hard to say because maybe it helped enhance my improvements from the repair, and maybe it isn't so effective on it's own. Downtime was nothing. I would go in on a Thursday and be ready to g
  2. I just had fraxel repair for rolling scars on my cheeks, but I also have scarred nose pores. My derm told me it would also help improve the scarred pores. But I wouldn't suggest you going down that road just for scarred pores. That would be like killing an ant with a sledgehammer. Maybe dermarolling would help? Or even fraxel restore? (restore is the non-ablative version).
  3. Hey everyone, I haven't been on this site for a long time, but thought I'd let you all know that I just finished my second Fraxel repair treatment on Friday October 4th. The healing process this time around has been much accelerated (as compared to my first fraxel repair). I'll probably be good to go back to work on the 11th. Right now I'm just bright red, like I sat out in the sun for the whole day. I had my first repair a little more than a year ago, and I saw about 20% improvement ove
  4. Awesome, thanks! That's really interesting, too bad I don't live closer to Utah. Since the derm I go to for fraxel repair doesn't do subcision, I'll have to go somewhere else for that. But I think it should work out fine. I'll definitely keep you and any one else who is interested updated if I decide to go with the combination.
  5. Mine was done at 60 mj. My derm felt it was high enough to give me results, which has been the case. Maybe something like 20% overall improvement, which is I think is great for the first attempt as I've heard improvement tends to be even higher for the 2nd and 3rd repair. I'm really hoping that a combination with subcision will do even better.
  6. I am planning on going in for my second fraxel repair in september, and I also want to try a subcision just before the repair. Has anyone done this before? If so, what was your experience? I'm curious if this is too aggressive as I've only heard of people doing subcision with fraxel restore.
  7. Thanks guys! I was a bit worried that these bumps would be permanent, but now I feel better from hearing your answers and my doctors answer. The plan is to do a minimum of 3 and possibly 4. I'll make sure to get more of the information on settings next time around to make sure I'm getting exactly what I expect.
  8. Hey all, Just finished my first fraxel restore, and it wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting. The pain was definitely tolerable. It was done at 50 mj, 8 passes, but I don't recall the rest of the settings. Right now i'm keeping my face moisturized and clean. My face it is not very red at all, but definitely swollen. Kind of looks like I was out in the sun just a bit too long, but didn't really get a burn. I have a question about these "bumps". They kind of look like bumps (or maybe holes)
  9. I have like two spots on my face, do I have to wait for them to go away before doing fraxel. Or what kind of effect will the fraxel have on the acne spots?
  10. I'm having fraxel repiar done next week and I was hoping some of you guys could give me some tips on recovery after fraxel. Should I pick up some aquaphor or some kind of antibiotic cream? Lots of vitamin C I assume? What other topical stuff should I look into getting before hand so I don't have to go out while my face is all red.
  11. Hey guys, I just booked my appointment for Fraxel done with Michele Finley at Raphael Dermatology. Anybody have any experience with this doctor? I'm a little bit nervous because I haven't heard much about them, and I'm thinking about canceling and switching to Shideler Dermatology since there seems to be more reviews on them.
  12. It is just the cheeks, I don't have any scars on my nose or jaw or forehead. So as far as that goes, the price seems reasonable. What kind of settings did you have on your first fraxel? I heard anything less than 50 mj would not do much, so do you think starting off at that setting is good or to kind of ease into it?
  13. Hi All, I'm looking at getting Fraxel done in Indiana at either Raphael's (with Michele Finley) or at the Shideler Dermatology. Does anyone have experience with either of these derms? I've been quoted for around $450 for cheeks, does that sound reasonable? I was also told to expect maybe 30-50% improvement. Does that sound reasonable? Thanks all for the input!