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  1. I have these lines but mine extend longer, i used to use a temporary wrinkle filler called FREEZE 247 it worked and was great, now i have scars by my eyes,so i have no chance of them being filled in,but as far as i remember it did truly work i ordered mine of Ebay i know people say teenagers shouldn't use wrinkle creams, but i used it for months and i saw a definite improvement,hope i helped and good luck!
  2. OMG IM NOT THE ONLY ONE for weeks i have been using excuses, like i left my ipod in the car, to have a brief chance of examining my face in the car window, some times ill walk out of my house happy,and then see the sight of myself and feel like killing myself THANKGOD IM NOT ALONE!
  3. CaaarlyKID


    what helps acne marks/scars
  4. okay and thanks :)X

  5. hey does anybody know of any type of thing that will fill in scars please help, i i hate scarssss ** also, please could you help me with this** about 4 months ago i woke up and had a deep line dragging left across by my cheek its about 4 cm long and has been there for 4 months now, it is not acne because its a long 4cm line going left, i dont have a clue how the hell its there, but i seemed to have woken up with it, also: i do not scram my self in the night ;(
  6. Heya! Thank you for the add as a friend! Keep on keepin' on!

  7. i am exactly the same... my forehead is really bad, i have scars and cysts and lots of spots my forhead always is red and is never the same colour as the rest of my face are you like this??? wierd thing is the rest of my face is okay
  8. Whoever suffers from acne marks? 1.Have you ever gotten rid of some/any? 2.How did you do this? 3.how long did you have them for until they faded? 4. have yours ever faded? please reply... thankyou carly
  9. I seriously cant take my life anymore everytime i get a spot it leaves a red hideous mark i actually prefer spots to the marks now so far i have used the following products which havent helped in anyway Holland and Barrett Aloe Vera Extra virgin Olive oil(helped a tiny bit) [Bio oil (didnt help)/b] Sudocream- made me break out i am currently using a cream called fade out but i have heared alot of bad reviews of it so far/ so im dissapointed as my mother bought me the cream beforehand. ANY OT
  10. I abosoloutly love you thankyou ever so much for the pictures you have changed my life. i have become so depressed with my scars and thought i would have to deal with them for the rest of my life,but i know now theres a light at the end of the tunnel thankyou acnejean
  11. well i have those scars i tend to put sudocream on them and palmers scar cream still have the scars but the products are helping a bit and the scars are sort of fading if you ever fade your scars please reply to me thanks and goodluck
  12. witch hazel never worked for me to be honest it actually made my face worst its different for other people though the best treatment i have used is tetralysal its getting rid of my acne well :] lavender oil is also good for acne