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  1. as you may know, the skin surrounding acne can be very tender and painful. Also there are ladies who suffer from acne also and may not be able to withstand the pain!! --------- Get what you deserve - NLite
  2. read my reply posted sunday 20th July 2003 I have gone through all of the lasers and light boxes. A study was done in Japan and 8 treatments with the smoothbeam was equivalent to 1 treatment with the NLite. The study was carried out by Dr Omi In Japan. Paper to view in www.usaphotonics.com/clinical/index.htm
  3. Ask him for NLite Treatment. That'll finish it for you alright!
  4. Hi, I would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone about the NLite laser and its amazing results on Acne. There are a number of "light" based treatment out there for the treatment of Acne, I just wanted to inform everyone about the science behind each one. First came the Clearlight from Lumenis - A blue light system that helps to clear acne. Results show a decrease in the lesion count. It needs multiple treatments and hurts. Then came the Smoothbeam from Candela. This is a Laser Diod
  5. Go and get an NLite Laser treatment. Because it is a pulsed dye laser, it can also treat the redness and acne scarring because it produces collagen underneath the skin. There are plenty of people in NJ and NY with the NLite. It was on NY1 channel two weeks ago. It will be reviewed in fitness magazine in October and it is FDA Approved. Try the physician locator at www.usaphotonics.com. This will help you find someone with the laser in your area. - Andrew
  6. More Info on the NLite laser. I will keep posting as I find them. I also understand that the laser is undergoing american FDA approval at the moment. =D> I understand that they are very strict with their approvals to let things into the country so if it passes, there is definately something here!!!!! I will keep you posted. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml...8%2Fnacne28.xml
  7. The NLite Laser I posted that we all saw on the news is now in the USA. Look at the main page on this site and click on the article on the bottom right. It is a testimony (with photo's) of a clear result from the long term trials which Dr Tony Chu (Europes Leading Acne Specialist - London Hammersmith Hospital) has done. The site is www.usaphotonics.com I TRULY COULD NOT BELIEVE THIS WHEN I SAW IT BUT ITS TRUE The European Telephone number to find a clinic is 01554 755444 (Wales) I
  8. Find a clinic in the US with the NLite (find it on http://www1.icnpharm.com/wr/nlitedir.nsf/f...rFind?OpenForm) Read this article.... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/2699149.stm Good Luck.... ------------------------------ No Creams, No Acutane, Just releif
  9. I cannot believe the amount of pessimism that surrounds this. I have seen the clinical photos and Dr Tony Chu is Europes Leading Acne Specialist. I somehow dont think that he would go onto NATIONAL tv and make a statement like (QUOTE) "This really is the first major advancement in acne treatment in 30 years". He has a rep to protect... I also know this is not a government run or funded organisation. It is a small team of Welsh Scientists who also invented collagen production by laser and hair r
  10. The BBC made this news announcement this week. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/2699149.stm Copy and paste into your browser window. The statements were made by Dr Anthony Chu, leading European Acne Specialist. Very, Very Interesting.
  11. I agree, see a derm. There are some good vitamin a creams about. they help with the general skin tone whilst loading the skin up with moisture. A lot of them are marketed as anti wrinkle creams. Dont bother with the larger companies like loreal etc, some of the smaller pharma companies like the danish company Beaute Pacifique do an outstanding set of care creams.
  12. Have the NLite Laser treatment. Find a clinic near you with the NLite and have an Acne laser treatment. It is absolutely painless and the results are fantastic.
  13. The NLite laser has just been approved for the treatment of Acne in Europe. All acne sufferers should definately seek a clinic with the NLite Laser. I have had it done and it is astounding!!!!! Visit www.icnphotonics.com for a clinic near you. This is NOT a gimic. The media interest in this is incredible and the results are compelling.