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  1. Interestingly accutane has been linked to telomere shortening.
  2. seriously considering accutane too, was offered it two years ago, refused, should've done it probably?
  3. No dairy no gluten? wow, what a revolutionizing idea, no one has tried that before, thanks for being here to cure everyone. you are a wellness coach and have read a couple of books, that's why you know how to cure many disease.
  4. Sorry guys, I went over the line there. Been tough times lately. No reason to rage it out here though. sorry again
  5. Will you fucking stop whining you don't even have acne
  6. Increasing dopamine will block prolactin. Zinc, magnesium, manganese, vitamin B6, tyrosine/phenylalanine, green tea, Rhodiola, vitamin D, exercise are good methods. A herb called Mucuna raises dopamine quite powerfully. Abstaining from masturbation is indeed also beneficial. Perhaps the digestion issues / poor diet -> lack of precursors and nutrients for neurotransmitter and hormone production -> problems like excess prolactin or DHT may be involved in the acne-pathway.
  7. Masturbation, well ejaculation, releases prolactin which antagonizes dopamine. Dopamine is important neurotransmitter especially for mood and motivation, this is why you feel dull after masturbating. Having a new partner increases natural dopamine production and may cancel the bad effects of prolactin. Also the intercourse is different since oxytocin and other pair-bonding hormones are activated. Watching porn also releases dopamine which desentisizes you to sexual stimulation, and this of cours
  8. Sorry I went a bit too far there. It's good that we share things that work and help, but claiming to have found cure rings alarm bells after seeing so many "cures" that never delivered the results. Also, doing 20 things simultaneously for treatment can also confuse what exactly is helping so trying to get an objective view on your anecdote would be advised.
  9. Bullshit. They give you the amount of elemental zinc in the pills so it's "15mg zinc from zinc gluconate" and that means 15mg elemental zinc.
  10. Pseudoscience and false hopes. None of this shit cures my acne that lives a life of its own despite what I fucking eat. I have taken evening primrose and borage oil up to 18 grams a day and it did nothing. I have tried so fucking many natural remedies over the years that it makes me angry to see these people joining 2012 and immediately sharing some kind of cures and bullshit. And those "cure acne naturally" "secret acne cure that drug companies don't want you to know" ebooks and sites are th