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  1. any group of people that follow the western diet in my opinion have increased rates of acne. people who eat predominantly fish or vegetables seem to have decreased rates, from my experience. don't quote me on that.
  2. to be quite honest, i don't think accutane should be considered a last resort, it is a wonderful drug that has improved the lives of millions. it has side effects, sure, but compare those with the horrid ordeals of living with acne and you have a winner. plus, the sooner you're on it the more chances you have against getting scars from chronic unremitting acne.
  3. i wouldn't really define that as back acne hun, just a pimple here n there, though if you're worried about it then a pimple is a pimple and they're annoying little buggers. when you do shower, make sure that the water is warm to cold, i've found that helps a tonne. you might like to sleep on your side or on your tum until any pimple on your back disappears. a bit of clearasil will get rid of whatever's there, but it does take a few days. you also look like you're an active girl, make sure u wipe