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  1. Have you taken any form of Antibiotics in the past year because that definitely may be the reason for your problem. It would initially be due to an imbalance of your candida.
  2. Hey everyone, -Read this! I swear it'll be worth your time! The symptoms that you have describe are very similar to mine. Let me elaborate.. 4-5 months my lung collapsed and I was prescribed Antibiotics (Cephalexin). Oh yeah and let me not forget it very very likely that my lung collapsed due to the antibiotics because my doctor found traces of penasilin in the other lung that did not collapse. Also, keep in mind I've always been quite healthy and active. A few months prior to this, I had my w
  3. Hey Guys, I'm a little over a week into the regimen and I've started getting bumps (not pimples) and redness of the skin. It's mainly on the cheeks closer to my nose area and also on the chin area. I'm guessing I'm allergic to BP but then how come this is not happening on my neck or forehead or anywhere else. I'm confused.. If anyone has experienced this please help me out. Much Appreciated Everyone.
  4. I love you so much.. I mean you just relieved me from like 2 months of stress.. I have these itchy bumps that immitate white heads/zits.. they itch and they are just irritating.. I feel them on my forming on my forehead.. Im going to the Derm on Friday.. I hope this helps!