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  1. Thanks for the advice! I used a tea-tree oil gel on it last night and it looks better. I think it might be acne/spots associated with the environment, and not something the accutane is designed to treat. Kinda like rashes/dry skin/etc. are caused by different factors which, hopefully, are temporary. Thank you again for the time taken to reply. I fit gets worse, I will be proactive and call the derm.
  2. Hi guys, I'm glad I can label myself as a post-Taner, but I'm very anxious about the potential to relapse. I know there's a lot of buzz around about people relapsing, but then again I guess the people who have long-term/permanent results don't come back to post. Anyhoo, I took my last pill almost 20 days ago! Huzzah! But I've also noticed I'm getting teeny-tiny whiteheads; mostly on my chin. Now, they are so minuscule that to someone left with the harsh realities of cystic scarring on my cheek
  3. Stanno: My derm has never mentioned an effective topical treatment for acne, as she prescribed me Roaccutane from my first consultation after my referral. She seems to think that the medication is enough by itself, and not to try anything else too drastic. Although, considering Retin-A can be prescribed by doctors (not just derms), and she did say that if I was worried about anything more than minor blemishes I should see one, then I guess it's all up to consultation, and seeing what works for
  4. Hey all! Had a quick conversation with my derm over the phone, and she was straight to the point: just cleanse with a gentle cleanser and a non-greasy sunscreen/moisturiser. That's it. If I get worried about anything more than a small whitehead, just to pop over to the doctor but that's it. She's the one who said, bluntly, that topicals for red marks don't work, so I guess she likes to keep things simple. I tell you what, the Roaccutane isn't giving up this last week and a bit without a fight
  5. Thanks for the replies At the moment, I plan on sticking to gentle cleansers and moisturisers, and perhaps a topical like tea tree oil. I do have a prescription for retin-A I never got filled. So there's a few months of back-up to perhaps consider... I may ring the derm though too. Just to make sure.
  6. Hi everyone! I'm on my last box of Accutane (yay!!!) and the results are very good. The side-effects haven't been great, but on the whole I count myself lucky. However, my dermatologist did not mention anything to me on how to maintain/monitor my skin after the course, and I forgot to ask. I'm really worried about it. I guess a lot of the clear users don't hang around, but can anyone give me some advice please?
  7. Thanks guys, for the the dose of Perspective. It's nice when someone shakes me and tells me I'm being irrational, and that I'm wrong about a lot of things. I guess it's hard when we get caught up in our own heads.
  8. This is a post about scars, and I'm sure most of you have read the same kind of story a million times before. But if I could get some guidance from those interested, it might help a bit more than what i'm trying to do myself now. So I've been on Accutane since August, and it's cleared my skin amazingly. The side-effects are often episodic and annoying (especially the dry skin), but it's worth it. Yet I can't move past my atrophic scars. I had subcision done about two months before I started Ac
  9. Hi there, it seems like you're pretty sensitive to this underlying sense that something is going to go wrong. Now that you're clear, and congratulations on that, but maybe you feel like it's too good to be true. Maybe you're worried that something has to go wrong, and it's these other things your focusing on as evidence of that. Try thinking of it this way: you did nothing to deserve the kind of acne which warrented accutane in the first place, so why would nature come back and get you? Natura
  10. I feel like crap. I am so over people staring at me...it's so rude. Likewise, I can't stand carrying conversations with people half the time because I'm tense, waiting for their eyes to stray onto my cheeks of doom... It's excellent that I work in retail. And my dad's a selfish, chauvanistic, self-pitying arsehole, I can't talk to anyone about it and it's dragging me down every single day. It's like everything's snowballing. I don't want to look back on the times at this point in my life tha
  11. Thanks! I really, really do appreciate the encouragement and insight. I hope you are doing well with your treatment also, and that it's going as smoothly as possible for you =)
  12. Thanks for that! It's comforting to hear that kind of advice, and the fact that there is a chance my Accutane experience will be a positive one. I hope it turns out
  13. Hi guys, Finally got referred, finally got prescribed Accutane. I feel like such an idiot for believing my acne was actually getting better earlier this year. Anyway, I was wondering if you could help me out with a few questions? I can't find much info, other than people screaming not to go on Accutane (which really makes me feel oh so very positive...) 1. Will Accutane work on my existing acne? I have some large, painful bumps under the skin (probably cysts) which I'd hope would be countere
  14. Thanks guys, this was really helpful As much as my skin hates me for it, I guess it's Benzac 2.5% for a while >.<