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  1. HI Guys, I know how important updates are so I am now 1 year post treatment with 2x subcision. Basically, the subcision did a GREAT job smoothing out my skin. However, I have been getting juvederm injections into the bigger indented scars (about 5) and my skin looks perfect WITH makeup on, and a little big pore like without makeup on. Overall Im so happy, dating again, and been so busy I rarely think about my skin anymore. I know the subcision made a big difference because I recently got a new s
  2. @Soon to be MD...it was Dr. Morganroth! He is amazing. I just saw him today and got more Restylane. He did an EXCELLENT job with my subcision, I had NO bruising, and the results healed nicely. There were still some pits left after the subcision, which the restylane has completely filled. I now have "perfect" skin. Almost. Unfortunately, my skin texture has a lot of large/jagged boxcar type pores that cannot be fixed by subcision or fillers. I believe the only options for such a problem are pee
  3. Guys I have to say I am really having a love affair with restylane! As the swelling goes down I can really see the beautiful contours that restylane has given me. My only worry now is how long will it last and how many times a year will I have to buy it? If its only 2x a year like the dr claims I'd be happy doing it forever. If its more like 4x a year that $2000 a year assuming you use one syringe...
  4. Hi Guys! its day 2! Lots of cracking and popping sounds on this one so im pleased (hardly heard anything on round one) also got restylane fillers in the dimples in my chin and some other bothersome scars so hoping that the combo will be good.
  5. Yes- my results did change. SOME scars sank down, not to pre subcision levels, but enough. Id say the worst scars improved about 25-30%, The best, at this point, about 50-60%. Im hoping that round two of subcision will take care of them. I meant DIMPLE scars on my chin not simple. There are two big dimple like scars on my chin that have lessened to a sort of thin line. But theyre still pretty deep.
  6. Hi guys! So much to report and I apologize for the delay. Luisa, it is Jeffrey rappaport in englewood new jersey. I actually moved to California recently and have been busy settling in, but I finally foud a doctor in mountain view that does subcision. As for results, my first subcisiOn results are now final and I got great results on my right cheek but my deepest scars on my left (3 small pits) and my simple scars on my chin sunk back down a LITTLE bit which is why I'm getting a second procedure
  7. Thanks everyone! The biggest thing I've learned from this procedure is that everyone's results are different, so take these reviews with a grain of salt because we all have different skin Thanks everyone! The biggest thing I've learned from this procedure is that everyone's results are different, so take these reviews with a grain of salt because we all have different skin
  8. Hi guys! It's been exactly ONE MONTH and things have kind of settled down. The improvements are high, I'd say about 70%. I am seeing dr rappaport in march when I return to new York. I was told by his office that by then, what obese is what's permanent, so I can intelligently decide whether or not I need another treatment. Most of the scars are very shallow now and would perhaps benefit from a different type of treatment but they are still there. Still been a life changing event in my life. I can
  9. Hi Guys, it has now been 3 weeks and the scars are getting better and better each day. At this point, id say 60-70%. Im going to wait the full two months to decide whether or not to go in for the second treatment because at this point the scars are too shallow. Fingers crossed.
  10. Hey Guys! Its day TEN and nothing has really changed. To be fair to everyone on this board I am waiting the full 4-6 weeks to give a final analysis. So far, NONE of my scars are worse or the same. Every since one has improved. Some have dissapeared. Two rolling scars that look like dimples on either side of my chin are the ones that have improved the least but are at about 50%. My cheeks look like they have really mild boxcar/large pore scarring now. The contour of my face is now perfectly round
  11. Here is an interesting video for you guys to watch: http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/story?section=news/health/your_health&id=7270440 Like I always say, the future is stem cells and i believe that is the only possibility out there to get close to perfect skin after acne scarring.
  12. DAY 6 UPDATE- Woke up this morning with some serious puffage. I look at my subcision in terms of puffage (the scars have puffed up and are not as indented) and sinkage (they are sinking back down to their pre-subcision levels). There was major improvement noticed this morning. Hoping this is not same crazy fluke! Most of the bruising is gone and there is a slight yellow tinge in some areas that can onyl be seen on my i-phone pics and not in the mirror when I look.
  13. He did not tell me the cost of the treatment nor did I ask. As they "grow" your stem cells first I am sure it is an expensive treatment. BTW guys, stem cell treatments are already available. Rapapport was just talking about his partner's treatment Leviv which is awaiting fda approval. You can probably price out the other treatments already available to get an idea of what leviv will cost.
  14. Frax he said one month! He also said his partner who works at the office developedit so even better!
  15. hi Guys, it is now day 4 and most of the swelling it gone. There is slight yellowish (and I mean slight) bruising over some of the deeper scars. I can notice microswelling in these areas as well. Overall, there is still a lot of great improvement. Once thing I would like to add about this thread: Please do NOT post negative comments, such as that after "massive" swelling my scars will return to what they were before the procedure, or any improvement is just swelling, or that subcision made y