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  1. things have improved. mostly due to proactive, working out, and cleansers
  2. forarmed1

    Resurfacing angry Cyst

    cyst on nose..............
  3. my derm told me this acts as a peeler. he told me not to use azelaic with skin peels...
  4. hey... if i got a multi vita tablets that includes alota vitamin b stuff and e. I was just wonders...is it possible for these vitamins to cancel out and or weaken effects of other vitamins. ie. i mainly wanna take b5 and the other b's just weaken it. yea...something like that...ne wayz, i got two other questions. 1. what is a recommended dose of b5 (the multi vita tablets had 30 mg) 2. should is consider getting a perscription from my derm and go under his guidance?
  5. greetz a cyst smack dab on nose, and it's just clear (nothing colored). I've heard that it turns painful and sore once it gets infected. I use cleansers, anti bacterial soap, cleocin t topical solution, and the skinoren stuff. ne wayz, im not trying to pick at it or aggravate it or infect it. I'm tryin to to make it disappear. Am i just gonna need to wait months to go by. OR should i visit my derm to do that corinstone procedure. -_____- , forarmed1