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  1. what is the best blackhead treament you guys have had success with. I've been using 2% salyic acid for about a week and have not seemed to have any effect at all and am looking for alternatives. Is Dans AHA good for blackheads?
  2. I checked around a bit and can find it
  3. I was looking for a good multi vitamin to start using everyday to help control my acne and was wondering if anyone had good results with one.
  4. I am thinking about using this as well so I will be very interesting to see how it goes for you.
  5. I am currently shaving every other day and was wondering if it might be better for my skin if I shaved everyday?
  6. If you take the flush kind regularly do you eventually get red anymore? Also, how long does it last for?
  7. I like to eat a lot of candy, can that be bad for acne?
  8. So what I am getting from this is that the burning will never go away?
  9. so I've been on the regimen for about 3 days and my face is red and feels like it is burning. I started with the half pump but i am still pretty irratated. Any suggestions on how to ease the suffering... and how long does it usually take for ones skin to adjust and not be red or burning after putting the stuff on?
  10. I used prescriptions for about a year and they worked pretty well but I decided to start the Regimen anyway. Its cheaper and easier. It is a risk but I think if it works, life would be much simpler.
  11. I just started the Regimen today and have a couple questions 1. My face seems to be burning constantly, its not that bad but It is still a little uncomfortable. Is this normal as my skin gets used to the benzoyl and it will stop in a few days or should I do something different? 2. How long should I wait after do the regimen before I go to bed. I dont want to go to sleep to soon and have a the chemicals rub off. Thanks
  12. Pilon


    I am also, thinking about trying the regimen. I take amoxicillin 2x a day. I think I am going to stop taking it but i dont see how it would do anything but help to keep taking it.
  13. I am thinking about starting the Regimen. I am in college and have pretty bad acne with cysts and blackheads. The unique thing about me is that I have found products that work. Unfortunatly they are prescriptions and since my parents just retired, I don't have awsome health insurance anymore and the cost of medicines has skyrocketed. (could be like 3000 a year, when before it was like 300). I was on atralin gel, amoxicillin500mg 2x a day, clindamycin phosphate lotion, and Benzoyl Peroxide crea
  14. I started getting treated for acne about a year and a half ago. My Derm put me on benzoyl Peroxide creamy wash and minocyclin for about 6 months but I saw no Improvment. I switched to 500 mg 2x a day of amoxicillin, 4% Benzoyl Peroxide creamy wash, .05% Atralin gel, and Clindamycin Phosphate lotion. I had a lot of pimples all over my face, occasional cysts, and always a couple of huge pimples that would not go away for a week or two. My acne has cleared up a lot... though i still have black